Aviom Mix6Y

Aviom 6 Person Package System includes the Yamaha 16/o-Y1 Card

The Aviom Mix6Y Personal Mixing System is designed for use with Yamaha digital consoles

 it's a complete monitor mixing solution for six performers.

The included Y1 card easily connects to any open MY expansion slot on the Yamaha console. Assign the console's direct outs, aux sends, groups, or busses to the 16 channels of the Y1 card from the Yamaha user interface.

  • 1 Aviom16/o-Y1 Card for Yamaha
  • 1 A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • 6 A-16II Personal Mixers
  • 6 MT-1a Mic Stand Mounts
  • 7 L-25 Cat-5e Cable

Run the included Cat-5e cable from the Y1 card to the A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor which copies and splits the digital signal while at the same time adding DC power to each of its eight outputs.

Connecting a Cat-5e cable from the A-16D Pro to each A-16II Personal Mixer is all that is necessary to complete the setup; the mixers get their power over the same cable that delivers the 16-channel digital signal. Plug headphones, ear buds, or a wireless in-ear monitoring system into the Personal Mixer and you're ready to start creating custom mixes.

The Mix6Y allows users of Yamaha® digital consoles a simple way to add Aviom's industry standard monitor mixing solution. The Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card eliminates the need for an analog input module when creating a personal mixing system, providing a direct digital interface between Yamaha digital products and Aviom's Pro16® Series Personal Mixers. Configuration of the 16 input sources for the monitoring system can be done digitally from the Yamaha console's user interface. Any audio source that the console operator can configure and patch to an output may be sent into the monitor system.

The 16-channel A-16II Personal Mixer allows a performer to create and save up to 16 custom mixes, and gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, along with master volume and tone. The system also includes an MT-1a for each Personal Mixer to allow the personal mixer to be mounted on any standard mic stand.

The A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor eliminates the need to daisy chain Personal Mixers, and simplifies setup by eliminating the need to connect a power supply to each mixer. The A-16D Pro accepts one Pro16 A-Net input signal and provides nine parallel outputs, using rugged EtherCon connectors and standard Cat-5e cables. The A-16D Pro provides isolated (floating ground) DC power through the eight A-Net Outs; the ninth output is an unpowered A-Net Thru connector, designed for distributing a copy of the A-Net signal to a second A-Net Distributor or remote location.

As with all Aviom personal mixing systems, this six-mix package can be expanded as needed to include more Personal Mixers at any time.

Yamaha Product Compatibility

The Y1 card fits into any available MY expansion slot and is compatible with all Yamaha consoles and mix engines that support the Mini-YGDAI format, including:


Model     MY Slots
AW4416     2
AW2816     1
AW2400     1
PM1D (DIO8) *     8
DM2000     6
02R96     4
DM1000     2
01V96     1
DME24N     1
DME64N     4
PM5D/PM5D-RH     4
M7CL     3
LS9-16     1
LS9-32     2
CL1     3
CL3     3
CL5     3

* The PM1D operates in 8-channel mode (MY8) only

Mix6Y Technical Specifications

Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card for Yamaha

A-Net Pro16 Output Interface Format Maximum Expansion Sample Rate Digital Conversion A-Net Output DIP Switch A-Net Pro16 Latency Power Supply Dimensions Weight
16 channels of A-Net digital data;
* 8 channels on PM1D
Yamaha mini-YGDAI (MY) Expansion Card
Limited only by the number of available MY expansion slots in the digital mixer
44.1kHz to 48kHz, +/-10%
A-Net Out: 1; EtherCon® RJ45 connector
Switch 1-8: Stereo Link on/off
Switch 9-10: A-Net mode
A-Net Modes: 8-channel, 16-channel, Aviom, Test
A-Net allows 16 channels of audio to be transmitted over one Cat-5e cable
Use unshielded Cat-5e UTP (or better) cable;
Max. length 500 feet (150m) between devices
<0.880 msec (measured from analog input to
analog output)
None required;
Uses the Yamaha host device as source of power
4.75" (120.7 mm) wide x 6.25" (158.8 mm) deep; 1.5" (38.1 mm) high
0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)


A-16II Personal Mixer

Audio Output Line/Headphone TRS Output A-Net Input/Output Digital to Analog Conversion Bit Depth Signal to Noise Ratio Latency Pro16 A-Net Tone Controls Maximum Levels (RMS) Impedance Power Supply
      Input Voltage
      Output Voltage
      Plug Size Dimensions Weight Options
1/4-inch TRS stereo, headphone or line level
Tip: Audio Left; Ring: Audio Right;Sleeve: Ground
Auto-detects mono plugs
1 A-Net input, 1 A-Net output; Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
24 bit
(Referenced to 0dB) -103dB
<0.880 msec (measured from analog input to analog output)
Uses unshielded Cat-5e UTP (or better) cable; maximum 500ft (150m) between devices
Treble +/-12dB at 9kHz shelving
Bass +/-12dB at 160Hz shelving
Line/Headphone outs: 1.0 watt at 100 ohms
Line/Headphone outs: 32 ohms
External, DC, universal switching type
100-240 volts, 50/60Hz, 30VA
18-24 VDC, 0.5 amp
2 mm
10.75" (273 mm) wide x 5.6" (142.2 mm) deep;
2.25" (57.5 mm) high 
3.4 lbs. (1.54 kg)
MT-1 or MT-1a Mic Stand Mount
EB-1 Extension Bracket
MT-X Expansion Box (requires MT-1)
PS-120 Power Supply


A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor

A-Net Input A-Net Thru A-Net Outputs LEDs Pro16 A-Net Power Supply Cooling Input Voltage Output Voltage for
Personal Mixers Dimensions Weight
One EtherCon RJ45 connector
One EtherCon RJ45 connector, unpowered
8 EtherCon RJ45 connectors, powered (DC)
Power On; A-Net Active
16 channels of digital audio over Cat-5e cable
Uses unshielded Cat-5e UTP (or better) cable
Internal, universal switching type
One ultra-quiet fan
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 60W
18-24 VDC, 0.5 amp
Transmitted over the Cat-5e cable
19" (482.6 mm) wide x 14.25" (362 mm) deep; 2U,
3.5" (88.9 mm) high
12.0 lbs (5.44 kg)


MT-1a Mic Stand Mount

Boxed Weight Boxed Dimensions Dimensions Connections: Connectors:
1 lb
7"w x 5"d x 3"h
6.25" wide at front x 4.5" wide at rear x 3" high
Attaches with three screws to bottom of an A360 A-16II, or A-16CS
Size: 6-32, 1/4-inch long screws

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