What is an Affiliate Program?'s affiliates become Muzeek World's family, we call them "Partners". Unlike others that give you a bit an expect you to survive, we actually try to work with you on every sale, every bid and every design.

An affiliate program with is essentially like having your own site. You will see all your orders, and payment history. You can have others login and purchase using your login, but you will see the rewards.

If you, as a Partner sell a system, not only with you receive your regular set bonuses, but you will also receive a referral bonus as well. It will quickly add up. Your regular bonus structure ranges from the below programs

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $1,000, earn a 10% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 20% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 40% bonus

We do the hard work of converting potential customers into sales, collecting the money, and fulfilling the order. We handle all customer service and all reporting. All you've got to do is let your visitors know that Muzeekworld is a great place to buy music instruments on the web, and the money should begin to flow your way.


There are other affiliate programs out there, but we wanted to make things more personal and easy for you. Having and building your own website is now unnecessary, because we will be your website. There is no other middle man, just us and you. You will get treated just like a inside employee, but work and create customers your own way. We have inside designers and engineers, so essentially they will be at work for you as well. If you have a church or customer that needs help in choosing products, or in getting a design for their sound system... ...we are there to make sure your customer is 100% satisfied.

No risk or cost to you... none...

We do all the work and keep everything up to date, you just use Muzeekworld as your portal to sell gear

We make our customers happy.

Customers are more likely to place their order with a reseller they trust. Why drive your valued web visitors to a place they won't trust or where they won't be happy. (What will they think of you then?)

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