Return Policy

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase from Returns are allowed on some of our items, not on all of them goes to great lengths to make sure our customers have the best possible purchasing experience and we understand that in some cases, orders may be damaged during shipping; orders may come in incomplete or even contain the wrong items. While there is no way to avoid occasional situations like these, we're pleased to offer you our return policy as follows...

All returns must be initiated with in 72 hours of receipt of the merchandise. To initiate a return, follow the "Guidelines for minimizing loss and shrink through shipping errors" below as well as the subsequent guidelines for damage or incomplete orders. (We will require this paperwork for a return so if you call us without having completed it, we're have to wait for you to supply it before we can continue).

Guidelines for minimizing loss and shrink through shipping errors:

  • Make sure to receive the merchandise properly.
  • Have your original order receipt from in hand.
  • Check for the packing slip which is usually located on the outside of the master carton.
  • Verify that you received the appropriate number of boxes and that the boxes are in good condition.
  • If the boxes are damaged, crushed or water logged, a digital camera is handy to document damaged boxes for the shipping company.
  • Carefully open each carton and inspect the contents against your original order receipt from
  • Next, unpack your boxes and check off received item on both the packing slip and your original receipt from
  • Note any discrepancies such as missing items, extra items, wrong colors or sizes, etc.

If there are problems with your merchandise:

  • With your paperwork in hand, contact your representative.
  • We may ask that you fax or email your notes to us so that we can immediately follow up with the manufacturer and warehouse to minimize any inconveniences that may arise from the erroneous shipment.

If you are missing boxes, or if your boxes are significantly damaged:

  • With your paperwork in hand, contact your representative.
  • We may ask that you fax or email your notes and pictures to us so that we can document the instance and help you get in touch with the appropriate shipping company to rectify the situation promptly.
  • Sometimes, a quick phone call to the shipping courier will turn up the missing cartons or boxes which can be delivered once the driver had been notified.

If you are missing boxes, or if your boxes are significantly damaged:

  • And is found to contain damaged or erroneous items or is missing requested items, an RMA (return to manufacturer authorization) may be issued. A valid RMA is required for all returns, no exceptions.
  • Any merchandise returned without an RMA will be refused and returned to sender.
  • And you are not satisfied with any product for any reason; your representative will advise you on your options for returning the specific item or items in question. Each manufacturer we represent has unique requirements for returns and we handle each instance individually with the client and the manufacturer to ensure excellent customer service.Returns must be in the complete and original packaging with all accessories and complete documentation (Owner's Manual, warranty card, quick start guides etc.). The merchandise to be returned must show no signs of wear or use. An RMA issued by must be included with all returns. Some returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

Non-returnable items

While we try to maintain a fair and adequate return policy, there are certain items that cannot be returned for very specific reasons. These items include Software, which manufacturers will not accept returns for, and any item that is considered personal; such as earphones, some microphones, instrument mouthpieces, and other items that you wouldn't want to purchase if another customer left residual bodily fluids or organic material on the item(s). Therefore, the following items are not returnable:

  • Special order items
  • Customized items
  • Items not normally stocked in our warehouse
  • Discontinued items
  • Close-out items
  • B Stock items
  • Scratch & Dent items or "personal use" items (such as some Microphones, in-ear monitors, etc).

If your order contains these items, and you wish to return them upon receipt, you may discuss the situation with your representative so that we can work with you to find the best possible alternative solution.