Muzeek World Nexo Yamaha in Ecuador Church

Yamaha CL5 install in Church








Yamaha CL5 and Nexo GEOS Install in Ecuador, SA



The Centro Evangelist Peninsular Assembly of God (CEPAD) in Salinas, Ecuador, South America is now a Nexo and Yamaha Production house. With the efforts of Muzeek World and AP MultiMedia the church has never sounded more amazing as it does right now.  They have a 5000 capacity seating outdoor and have a copuple services both in traditional and contemporary formats They have installed a full NEXO GEOS 12 rig that consist of 16 GEOS12 main linearrays and utilizing the Nexo RS18 for the low frequency.   The Nexo Speakers are poweres by the NXAMP 4X4 amplifiers.  The Yamaha CL5 uses the RIO3224 and a RIO1608 as inputs on stage.  the design was streight forward and works well for the church. The church Decided on the CL5 because of its versatility and ease of use, not to mantion to amazing sound quality the RIO's put out.


Mr Pacheco , did an amazing job in keeping the design simple and steight forward.  Per Mt. Pacheco the combination of the Yamaha CL5 and the NEXO Rig is percection " Im standing 150 feet away and getting 98 DB reading levells outside" We have so many happy customers that have purchased the CL5 or a Nexo rig, that we cannot keep count.  One thing we always hear from customers on the NEXO speakers is that they are powerfull, clean and warm sounding, even at real high levels. As far as the CL5 there are no words to describe its leadership in the Digital console world. The processing power from DSP, Effects, Dynamigs to the feel and built of the mixer its just an all around great mixer.  We will probably see it stay on top for at least the next 8-10 years


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