Blackmagic Design BMD-OGX-FR-CNS-P openGear Frame with Cooling, Advanced Networking & SNMP

Vendor: Blackmagic Design
Description Blackmagic Design BMD-OGX-FR-CNS-P openGear Frame with Cooling, Advanced Networking & SNMP The Blackmagic Design BMD-OGX-FR-CNS-P, also called as openGear Frame with Cooling, Advanced Networking & SNMP, is an oGx open gear frame that...

Blackmagic Design BMD-OGX-FR-CNS-P openGear Frame with Cooling, Advanced Networking & SNMP

The Blackmagic Design BMD-OGX-FR-CNS-P, also called as openGear Frame with Cooling, Advanced Networking & SNMP, is an oGx open gear frame that comes along with cooling and advanced networking, and SNMP. The oGx is a 2RU high-density openGear® modular frame that is designed capable to offer 600 Watts of total power in a high-capacity 20-slot format. It is built using the same form factor and DashBoardT remote control as Blackmagic Design's other 20-slot frames and can support all openGear compatible cards and rear I/O modules, but offers significantly more available user power. The oGx is designed intended to meet the demands of today's most complex IP and hybrid infrastructures, supporting evolving IP and UHD applications.

A new high-power mode is designed allowing the 23 Watts per slot (460 W user net max). An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed along with changes in power supply loading and temperature. The single (standard) 600 Watt power supply is possible to fully power a loaded frame, and the addition of a second (optional) supply is giving the frame full power redundancy. oGx is designed capable of accommodating 2 front-loaded, hot-swappable power supplies. The split outside location of the power supplies is making the installation easy. Each power supply contains an independent cooling fan, status LED, and a front mounted power switch.

In addition to an integrated LCD display that is providing the frame name, IP address and reports any alarms, the FrameGlow highly-visible programmable RGB LED bar is providing the "across-the-room" visibilty of any customizable status or frame ID functions, this allows the personnel for seeing the frame status/info literally anywhere in the room.

The openGear® 3.0 frame is designed offering the optional gigabit Ethernet to every slot within the frame chassis, enhancing communication speed, and connection options to all openGear® cards. The openGear® 3.0 frame provides more communication options and flexibility to openGear® card manufacturers. The 21-port Ethernet switch, built in to the frame's network control card, virtually future-proofs the openGear® 3.0 platform. (Gigabit Ethernet is only available with the Advanced Network Control option.) SNMP (optionally available) is loaded direct to the frame eliminating the need for any external gateways and runs on a separate software port allowing for simultaneous control from both DashBoard and SNMP clients. This is useful in applications where system wide monitoring is performed using SNMP and real-time control is performed using DashBoard.

The oGx is using the same rear I/O modules as our current 20-slot frames, allowing a seamless transition from a current 20-slot frame to the oGx. These rear modules are designed for offering a broad selection for a flexible and wide array of interfaces such as coaxial, twisted-pair audio, GPIO, comm, and fiber. Special high-density/high-ventilation rear I/O modules offer even greater packaging density when used with compatible Blackmagic Design® cards.


  • 600 watt power supply with redundancy option. New high-power mode allows 23W per slot.
  • Full openGear® 3.0 compatibility supporting openGear-compatible cards as well as latest and legacy 20-slot frame openGear rear modules
  • Gigabit Ethernet to every slot within the frame (available on frames with Advanced Networking)
  • Optional DataSafe network-card stored backup and restore allows swapping of hosted cards with all settings automatically uploaded to the new card - no hassles trying to remember card settings. Settings are restored only when a DataSafe detects same-model card as replacement. (Available with the advanced networking control option.)
  • Power supply is hot-swappable for 24/7 operation
  • Front LCD display and FrameGlow customizable multi-color, flexible-function lightbar. Wide high-visibility design provides "across-the-room" visibility of any customizable status or frame ID functions.
  • Two independent looping references internally routed to all user card slots
  • Separate power cords to each power supply for power redundancy
  • Network Controller Card enables multiple copies of DashBoard™ for seamless remote setup, monitoring, and control. SNMP option can further be added.
  • Fan status and error indicator LEDs on front of the frame
  • Hinged, pull-away front door panel lowers to allow quick, easy card insertion
  • Remote control/monitoring via Ethernet using free DashBoard™ software, or optional OGCP-9000 remote control panel