Electro Voice SMP-2 SoundMate Portable Listening System

Vendor: Electro Voice
Description Electro Voice SMP-2 SoundMate Portable Listening System The Electro Voice SMP-2 is a SoundMate Portable Listening System that is designed composed of different devices for ease of use of the user. The Electro Voice SMP-2...
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Electro Voice SMP-2 SoundMate Portable Listening System

The Electro Voice SMP-2 is a SoundMate Portable Listening System that is designed composed of different devices for ease of use of the user. The Electro Voice SMP-2 system is composed of:

PST-170 Belt Pack Transmitter
The PST-170 Belt Pack Transmitter is able to be set to any of the 17 channels, those can be seen displayed on the backlit LCD, and it is able to operate of 72-76 MHz band frequencies. It is designed as battery-operated, and yet still lightweight and comes with the included small lapel microphone to give more convenience and portable use. The PST-170 is equipped with two input jacks. The Auxiliary input is designed for allowing the use of audio devices just like the teacher's aid or tape players. The another jack is normally used with a microphone and it can be found on the top panel. The PST-170 is also compatible with the E.D.R. feature of the SR-400.

SR 50 Single Channel Receiver
The SR-50 Single Channel Receiver is capable of providing clear receptions and a fixed channel's simplicity. The economical receiver is operating on one of 17 fixed narrow-band frequencies in the 72-76 MHz band. Ergonomic raised volume control knob is designed to make the level adjustments easier and can be accessed by feel. Recessed headphone jack provides extra protection for earphone connections. Two AA batteries give up to 30 hours continuous battery life.


Volume OFF/ON Control
This thumbwheel control is designed to serve as both an off/on switch and as a volume control. The Receiver is turned off when the control is in the extreme counterclockwise position, when viewed from the rear and the volume is loudest when the control is in the extreme clockwise position as indicated on the volume control.

Headphone Jack
The headphone jack is able to accept a 0.140-inch (3.5 mm) diameter miniature mono or stereo phone plug. A variety of accessory units are able to be plugged into this jack for reception of the desired channel(s) being transmitted.

Belt Clip
The belt clip supplied can be detached by spreading the wire apart at the tops and removing one side of the clip from the case and then the other.

HM2 Head worn Microphone
The Electro-Voice HM2 head worn microphone is the ideal microphone for anyone who is requiring high-quality vocals in a hands-free application. The HM2 is perfect for use by lead vocalists, singing instrumentalists, dancers, aerobic instructors and other presenters. The HM2 has a miniature electret condenser element designed with a cardioid polar pattern, which attenuates background noises such as sound from nearby floor monitors, on-stage musical instruments and crowd noise.

  • Lightweight - just 0.9 ounces (25 grams), less cable
  • Behind-the-head headband is comfortable and stays in place
  • Cardioid pickup pattern ensures good gain before feedback
  • Frequency response and proximity effect similar to handheld vocal mics
  • Frequency Band A: 72.1MHz
  • Transmitter: Audio Input Characteristics Mic TA4M connector, 7.75 mV RMS input for +/-25 KHz deviation. Impedance, 10K Ohms, nominal. Aux. Input, Female 3.5mm. 100mV Unbalanced, 100K Ohm nominal
  • Transmitter: Antenna Permanently attached trailing wire
  • Transmitter: Modulation FM +/-25 KHz deviation
  • Transmitter: Frequency Response (System) 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz
  • Transmitter: System Signal-To-Noise 58 dB (77 dB with E.D.R.)
  • Transmitter: Pre-emphasis 115Mu seconds
  • Transmitter: Maximum RF Power 80K MuV/m at 3 m
  • Transmitter: Power Requirements 2x AA batteries, Alkaline, NiMH or NICAD, 8 hours Alkaline, 8 hours NiMH, 4 hours NICAD
  • Transmitter: Frequency Selection Top Panel Set, Switch buttons
  • Transmitter: Frequency Indicators LED display, channel letters
  • Transmitter: Maximum Input Level 42 dB
  • Transmitter: Input Pad Switch No
  • Transmitter: Phantom Power Protection No
  • Transmitter: Loop In/Out Connectors No
  • Transmitter: Loop I/O Nominal I/P Level No
  • Transmitter: Loop I/O Max. Input Level No
  • Transmitter: Limiting Built-In, Fixed Threshold
  • Transmitter: FCC ID B5DM521
  • Receiver: Working Range Approx. 300' / 91.44m
  • Receiver: Audio Frequency Response <3 dB Variation (100 Hz-10 KHz)
  • Receiver: Signal-to-Noise Ratio Greater than 60 dB at 1 mV input
  • Receiver: Number of Channels 1 Fixed Channel (Channel 031)
  • Receiver: Type of Output (Recessed) 3.5mm Mini Jack
  • Receiver: Headphone Monitoring Yes, 3.5mm Audio Output (This Jack Also Serves as the Charger Input)
  • Receiver: Sensitivity 5Mu V typical/1Mu V maximum (12 dB SINAD at 25 kHz Deviation)
  • Receiver: Adjacent Channel Rejection More than 35 dB Down at +/- 200 kHz
  • Receiver: Image and Spurious Rejection More than 50 dB Down
  • Receiver: Distortion Less than 2%
  • Receiver: Supply Voltage 2-3 Volts, (2) AA Batteries
  • Receiver: Quiescent Current 20 mA
  • Receiver: Power Requirements 2x AA batteries, Alkaline, NiMH or NICAD. 30 hours Alkaline, 20 hours NiMH, 10 hours NICAD
  • Receiver: Audio Output Into 8 Ohms: 2.0V / 15mW 3.0V / 80mV
    Into 32 Ohms: 2.0V / 10mW 3.0V / 50mW (at 10% distortion)
  • Receiver: Controls Volume/On/Off Switch
  • Receiver: Visual Indicators Red LED On Indicator
  • Receiver: Charger Contacts Bottom of unit
  • Receiver: Display Backlit On/Tuning Indicator
  • Receiver: Mounting Options Belt or Pocket
  • Receiver: Antenna Type Omnidirectional in earphone cord
  • Receiver: Temperature Range 0 to 50 deg. C / 32 to 122 deg. F
  • Receiver: FCC Complies with Part 15
  • Headphones: Transducer Type Telethin Driver
  • Headphones: Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Headphones: Cable Length 3' / 0.91m
  • Headphones: Connector Type 1/8" Mini Plug
  • Headphones: Frequency Response 100 Hz - 10 kHz
  • Microphone: Generating Element Electret Condenser
  • Microphone: Frequency Response 30-18,000 Hz (1/2" distance)
  • Microphone: Sensitivity 4 mV/Pascal (680Ohms load) (open circuit voltage at 1000 Hz)
  • Microphone: Polar Pattern Cardioid
  • Microphone: Maximum SPL 120 dB, 1% Distortion
  • Microphone: Power Requirements 1 to 10 V dc
  • Microphone: Operating Current 500 MuA max at 9 V dc
  • Microphone: Output Cable 1.2m / 3.94' long, 2.5mm / 0.10" diameter; miniature audio cable permanently attached between microphone and connector
  • Microphone: Output Connector Switchcraft TA4F (pin 1 shield, pin 2 & 4 bias/audio, pin 3 N/C)
  • Microphone: Accessories Furnished Black windscreen
  • Dimensions Receiver (H x W x D): 4 x 2.75 x 1" / 101.60 x 69.85 x 25.40mm / Microphone (L x W x D): 29 x 18 x 16.8mm / 1.14 x 0.71 x 0.66"
  • Weight Microphone: 25g / 0.88oz (Without cable and connector)