MIDAS DL251-UL 48 Input, 16 Output Stage Box with 48 Midas Microphone Preamplifiers (DL251-UL)

Vendor: Midas
MIDAS DL251-UL 48 Input, 16 Output Stage Box with 48 Midas Microphone Preamplifiers (DL251-UL) The DL251, a stalwart 5U 19" fixed-configuration rack I/O unit, stands proud with 48 mic/line level inputs and 16...

MIDAS DL251-UL 48 Input, 16 Output Stage Box with 48 Midas Microphone Preamplifiers (DL251-UL)

The DL251, a stalwart 5U 19" fixed-configuration rack I/O unit, stands proud with 48 mic/line level inputs and 16 line level outputs, delivering the renowned Midas sound quality fortified by proven technologies. Embracing the celebrated Midas microphone preamplifiers with precise 2.5 dB analog gain steps, this unit features three AES50 network ports, ensuring robust N+1 redundancy. Complementing these, it includes an Ethernet control port and a MIDI Interface (In, Out, Thru). Designed as the perfect ally for the Midas M Series and PRO Series digital consoles, the DL251 facilitates a seamless digital snake connection, bridging the Front of the House to the stage. Its comprehensive array of inputs, outputs, and redundancy measures solidify its role as an indispensable component within the realm of professional audio production.

Award-Winning Midas Microphone Preamplifier

The revered Midas microphone preamplifier stands as the very essence of the renowned Midas sound, held in high regard by leading live sound and recording engineers worldwide. Crafted through over 40 years of design expertise and a meticulous selection of top-tier components, it unveils an acclaimed warmth and depth, unveiling subtle ambiance, preserving spatial intricacies, and impeccably capturing an exact sonic image. The celebrated resonance of the award-winning Midas microphone preamplifier has kindled the creativity of generations of live sound engineers, inspiring them to craft sonic masterpieces that enrapture audiences across the globe. Acknowledging the pivotal role of the microphone preamplifier as the gateway for signals into the console, the DL251 proudly introduces the latest iteration of the Midas microphone preamplifiers. These components faithfully reproduce every sonic facet, ensuring no fragment of performance goes unnoticed. Transparency, pristine sound quality, minimal noise, and robust common-mode rejection epitomize this enduring design. Throughout the years, numerous mix engineers have unearthed an elevated sonic realm within this resilient and overload-tolerant design. Under intense sonic pressure, it evolves, revealing a new sonic spectrum where its crystal-clear audiophile reproduction seamlessly merges with a harmonious blend of overtones, creating a warm, organic resonance. This fusion resonates with millions of concert-goers and echoes eternally through numerous live albums, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Digital Audio Networking

The SuperMAC technology, compliant with AES50 standards and pioneered by Klark Teknik, sets the stage for high channel counts, ultra-low latencies with precise determinism, and sample-synchronous, phase-aligned clock distribution across networks. This technology is fortified by error detection, correction mechanisms, and robust network redundancy, meticulously crafted to cater to the rigorous demands of live concert touring. In perfect harmony with this cutting-edge technology, the DL251 seamlessly integrates, offering compatibility not only with all Midas digital consoles and audio system engines but also with any other devices equipped with AES50 technology. This interoperability ensures a harmonious blend of diverse components, creating a unified audio ecosystem for effortless integration and unparalleled performance in the live concert domain.

High Output Drive Line Outputs With Mute

The DL251 boasts 16 active servo-balanced low-impedance line level outputs, engineered with robust output current capability to handle extensive cable runs without compromising quality. Adding to its convenience, a recessed 'Mute All Outputs' switch positioned on the rear panel facilitates noiseless and secure cable re-patching, offering the flexibility to make adjustments even during a live show without causing disruption.

96 kHz Or 48 kHz Operation

DL251 supports multiple sample rates for the AES50 connections - 96 kHz for use with Midas Pro Series, and 48 kHz for use with Midas M32 Series.

Remote Console Or Front Panel Control

Absolutely! The DL251 ensures versatile configuration adjustments, allowing settings to be managed either remotely from the mixing console or directly via the user-friendly front panel interface. The unit features front panel switches for all configuration options, complemented by LED status indicators that offer highly visible operational feedback across wide viewing angles and distances. These LED status indicators play a crucial role, providing clear insights into various aspects such as power supply output rail condition, AES50 and Ethernet network connection status and activity, choice between internal or external clock synchronization, unit identification, and communication mode settings. This comprehensive visual feedback ensures that operational statuses are easily monitored and adjusted, enhancing user control and efficiency during setups and performances.

Built For The Road

Featuring a rugged steel 5U rackmount enclosure, the DL251 is designed for the rigors of live concert touring. Premium Neutrik connectors are used to ensure reliable audio and network connections, night after night.

Dual Redundant Universal Switch-Mode Power Supplies

Indeed, the DL251 is equipped with a dual-redundant power supply system, offering auto-voltage sensing capability tailored for global usage. This design ensures the unit can seamlessly adapt to various voltage standards worldwide. In the rare event of one power supply failing, the system enables a smooth and automatic switchover to the secondary power supply, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation without compromise, thereby maintaining stability and reliability during critical performances or events.

DL251 Architecture and Engineering Specifications

The interface unit shall be designed for digital audio mixing applications and be optimized for use in live performance. It shall feature 48 integrated microphone preamplifier inputs with 2.5 dB analog gain steps and 16 servo-balanced electronic outputs on industry-standard XLR connectors and shall be capable of operating at 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling rates. The interface unit shall include a recessed switch on the rear panel to mute all outputs.

The interface unit shall support a 100-megabit Ethernet frame-based digital audio network that shall offer N+1 cable redundancy and be compliant with the Audio Engineering Society AES50-2011 standard. Three digital audio network ports and one Ethernet control port shall be provided. An industry-standard MIDI Interface (In, Out, Thru) shall also be provided. The interface unit shall provide both the front panel and remote network configuration of operational settings and provide LED status of power supply output rail condition, digital audio and control network connection status and activity, clock synchronization source, unit identification, and communication mode setting. The interface unit shall include two auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies with dual redundancy for use on a worldwide basis.

The interface unit shall be housed in a standard 5U 19" rackmount chassis and shall be 483 mm wide x 414 mm deep x 221 mm high (19.0" x 16.3" x 8.7"), with a nominal weight of 10 kg (22.1 lbs). The interface unit shall be installed in a rack frame or road case capable of safely supporting its weight. Input, output, and power connections shall be made at the rear panel of the interface unit. Installers shall allow adequate space at the rear for connection and disconnection of input, output, and power connections. The power requirements shall be 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz. The interface unit shall be the Midas DL251 and no other alternative shall be acceptable.


  • 48 award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers with switchable +48 V phantom power

  • 16 actively balanced low impedance line level outputs

  • Selectable 96 kHz or 48 kHz sample rate operation

  • Remote operation up to 100 m via CAT5/5e cable

  • All settings programmable from front panel controls or console

  • PSU status indicator LEDs and configuration switches on the front panel

  • 3 AES50 network ports for redundant connections

  • MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors

  • Features Neutrik etherCON AES50 network ports

  • Rugged 5U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications

  • Dual redundant auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies

General Statistics
XLR connections

N + 1 cable redundancy and dual redundant PSUs

General Specifications
Sampling rate

48 kHz, 96 kHz

Dynamic range

107 dB, 22 Hz to 22 kHz (no pre-emphasis)

Maximum gain

45 dB

Crosstalk @ 1 kHz

-100 dB physically adjacent input channels

Crosstalk @ 10 kHz

-90 dB physically adjacent input channels


5U x 414 mm deep

Net weight

10 kg

Shipping weight

18 kg

Power requirements

100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Power consumption at 115 V

1 PSU: 85 W, 85 VA 2 PSU: 110 W, 110 VA

Power consumption at 230 V

1 PSU: 90 W, 100 VA 2 PSU: 110 W, 135 VA

Operating temperature range

+5°C to +40°C

Storage temperature range

-20°C to +60°C

System Inputs and Outputs
I/O box inputs
Box analogue outputs
48 kHz I/O digital system inputs and outputs
96 kHz I/O digital system inputs and outputs
Input and Output Characteristics
Analogue input characteristics
Analogue output characteristics
48 kHz digital I/O characteristics
96 kHz digital I/O characteristics