MIDAS HD96-24-CC-IP-UL Live Digital Console Control Centre with 144 Input Channels, 120 Mix Buses, 96 kHz Sample Rate and 21" Touch Screen (HD96-24-CC-IP-UL)

Vendor: Midas
MIDAS HD96-24-CC-IP-UL Live Digital Console Control Centre with 144 Input Channels, 120 Mix Buses, 96 kHz Sample Rate and 21" Touch Screen (HD96-24-CC-IP-UL) Heritage History The Heritage 3000 (H3K) stepped into the scene...

MIDAS HD96-24-CC-IP-UL Live Digital Console Control Centre with 144 Input Channels, 120 Mix Buses, 96 kHz Sample Rate and 21" Touch Screen (HD96-24-CC-IP-UL)

Heritage History

The Heritage 3000 (H3K) stepped into the scene in 1999, boasting that signature Midas purple hue that became synonymous with its identity. Its standout features swiftly cemented its status as the global industry benchmark for live sound applications. From the get-go, the H3K was an undisputed triumph. Beyond its striking color, the console shook up the industry with a revamped preamp design, surpassing even the iconic XL4. Its expansive channel and auxiliary counts, coupled with a remarkably adaptable aux switching system, swiftly positioned the H3K atop every sound engineer's wishlist. Matching the H3K's legacy is a monumental challenge; it set a new pinnacle in live mixing standards. The decision to name the Heritage D after such an iconic console was daring. Yet, this product lives up to that audacious spirit, staying true to legendary sound quality while elevating the possibilities of a digital mixing console. Drawing from the rich lineage of the H3K and PRO Series consoles, the new Heritage D revolutionizes the workflow of sound engineers. It's not just another Midas console; it's tactile. Sporting a commanding 21” HD touchscreen and a cutting-edge Graphic User Interface (GUI) accessible at your fingertips, the Heritage D epitomizes a glimpse into the future. Intriguingly, it even introduces Channel AI—yes, Artificial Intelligence. This platform isn't static; it's designed for the long haul, primed to evolve over the years. Supported by a dynamic Midas team keen on enhancements and continual feature additions, investing in the Heritage D ensures a secure investment in the future.

The Graviton Mk 2 Processing Engine

At the core of every mixing console lies the cornerstone – Audio. While others may have overlooked it, we've steadfastly placed sound atop our hierarchy. It was a daunting task, almost unimaginable, yet we managed to refine the renowned Midas digital sound. Our latest feat: a 64-bit summing mix engine boasting an expanded dynamic range. Maneuvering a Midas console has never been more seamless. The crux of the Midas essence lies in bestowing unparalleled flexibility while maintaining meticulous delay compensation. Steering clear of the dreaded comb filtering effect holds paramount significance. Unfortunately, many other consoles tend to sidestep this pivotal facet within the audio signal path.


With the Flexi-Aux system, you wield the power to route auxiliaries to other auxiliaries, enabling group or stem-style mixing. Picture this: you can dynamically compress an entire drum kit, creating parallel compression, and seamlessly funnel it into an artist's in-ear mix. It's a game-changer for crafting finely-tuned soundscapes with precision and depth.

Variable Channel Phase

The new, intuitive, easy-to-use Variable Phase per channel allows sound sources to be blended seamlessly, with high or low phase changes to mix signals in ways never achievable before.

Tap Off Points

Introducing new tap-off points on channels, a groundbreaking addition enabling signal routing from any juncture in the signal path. This enhancement provides unparalleled flexibility in sending signals to the stage before undergoing any processing—maintaining the pristine Midas magic crucial for the main mix, untouched. For the inaugural time in Midas history, post-insert fader points are now accessible. Not only that but all processing options can be seamlessly rearranged via a simple drag-and-drop interface, affording you the freedom to set the processing order precisely as desired. This heralds a new era of customizable, on-the-fly signal manipulation and control.

With Great Power Comes… More Chips

With 18 Sharc DSPs, 14 layer boards, 5 Eighth Generation FPGAs and 2 GPU co-processors there has never been such a technologically advanced board in the world.

True Innovation

Channel AI™

True Preview™

True Audition™ Console Connected

A true plethora of Effects with Music Tribe's unparalleled sister companies including TC Electronic, we have the world’s best effects emulations. Up to 96 effects can be used to craft a beautiful-sounding mix including:

TC 6000 (VSS4)

TC 3000 (VSS3)

TC Electronic 2290





KT Bus compressor

Mteq Program EQ-HD

M6 compressor

HD Stressor compressor

Ultra-Dualistic Voice Doubler

Rack-Amp (guitar amp and cab emulation)

Glow (harmonic mix glue)

Rotor Motor (Leslie cabinet emulation)

Enlightenment Bass


M Harmonics

Uncl HD Distortion

Prime Input Expander

Wave Designer

Midas Touch

Behold the inaugural Midas full HD multitouch screen, an unprecedented marvel enabling simultaneous control of up to 10 faders—an unparalleled feat in the realm of mixing consoles. Experience a visual and interactive splendor that redefines the very essence of mixing, delivering an unmatched aesthetic and functionality in one sleek interface.

Shout Mixer

The Shout Mixer allows complex communication groups to be easily created and stored. 16 shout inputs (independent of the input and output channel count) can be used to create multifarious talk systems with 12 dedicated outputs. Instant recall allows you to use different settings for soundcheck and the all-important big show.

Channel AI ™

Introducing a groundbreaking feature never seen before in consoles: the ability to actively listen to your audio source, identify it, and propose optimal Gain, EQ, Compression, and Gate settings as needed. All are presented through a user-friendly interface, granting you full control over which suggested settings to implement. Enter the world of Adaptive presets where you dictate your preferred sound style, and let Channel AI™ handle the rest, leaving you in awe of its capabilities and wondering how you managed without it. The essence of HD96-24's development can be encapsulated in one statement: "We Listened." This console isn't just a technological leap; it's a testament to understanding and responding to the needs of audio professionals like never before.


  • Live performance digital control centre with up to 144 simultaneous input channels and 96 kHz sample rate

  • 123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses

  • 21" full colour TFT display screen with capacitive touch sensing

  • Advanced and multi gesture, touchscreen user interface

  • Award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers

  • HyperMAC and AES50 networking allows up to 480 inputs and 480 outputs @ 96 kHz sample rate

  • Dual Network Bridge Format Converter with up to 128 Bidirectional Channels and Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion

  • 24 VCA (variable control association) groups, and 24 POPulation groups

  • Up to 48 assignable 1/3 octave Klark Teknik DN370 graphic equalisers

  • Up to 24 multi-channel digital signal processing effects engines

  • Integrated Bluetooth and wireless transceiver module

  • Dual ULTRANET Ports providing 32 additional digital outputs

  • 28 MIDAS PRO motorised 100 mm faders

  • Fully interpolated touch-sensitive controls

  • Optional wireless remote control with remote application

  • Dual redundant auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies

Input processing channels

144 flexi channels

Output processing channels

96 flexi aux outputs, 24 matrices, stereo bus, mono bus

Point-to-point routing matrix

622 x 652

Signal processing

64-bit floating point

D/A converter 

24-bit, 96 kHz and 128 times oversampling  

A/D converter 

 24-bit, 96 kHz and 128 times oversampling

Sampling frequency

96 kHz

I/O latency (surface input to output)

1.34 ms

Input audio processing 

Dual-slope high and low-pass filters

True phase filter control

4-band parametric EQ with 3 shelf modes

4-mode creative input compressors

Input gates or ducker

Insert point on/off with processing order change

Direct output with adjustable level and processing pick of point

Delay-compensated aux return mode on inputs

5 x tap-off points per send

Output audio processing

Output 4-band parametric EQ with shelving/HP/LP options

4-mode creative output dynamics

Insert point on/off with processing order change

Direct input with adjustable level and processing tap-off point

Mixing control assistance 

12 x talk groups

12 x mute groups

24 x surface POPulation groups

24 x VCA associated population groups

Scene snapshot automation

Midas microphone preamplifier

8 x XLR balanced

Balanced outputs

8 x XLR balanced 

Talkback connector 

 1 x XLR balanced 

Talk connector 

 1 x XLR balanced

Headphone connector 

 2 x 1⁄4" TRS (stereo)  

Digital AES3 input / output (XLR)

2 / 2

AES50 ports (Klark Teknik SuperMAC, 100 Mbit/s)


Snake (copper)

2 x HyperMac (192 channels of bi-directional digital audio) on Ethercon XLR

Snake (fibre) 

2 x HyperMac (192 channels of bi-directional digital audio) on Opticon XLR  

CM1 expansion slots

2 x slots (CM1 module for AES50, DANTE, MADI and USB) 


2 x Ultranet ports (up to 16 digital outputs per port) 

Word clock IN

 BNC, accepts TTL level, 96 kHz square wave, impedance 75 Ohms 

Word clock OUT

BNC, provides a TTL level, 96 kHz square wave

AES3 sync IN

1 x 3-pin XLR  

AES3 sync OUT

1 x 3-pin XLR  

External (Ethernet) connector 

Ethercon XLR  

Monitor output

2 x HDMI (1920 x 1080p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 & 720 x 480p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 supported) 

USB 3.0 type A hub

4 x 5 V ⎓ 900 mA 

USB 3.0 type A (fader port expansion)

4 x 5 V ⎓ 900 mA 

USB 2.0 type A (front surface data)

1 x 5 V ⎓ 500 mA 

Diagnostics Port

 Serial port 


In, Out and Thru 5-pin MIDI DIN sockets 


2 x 12 V DC 5 W 4-pin 

IEC mains socket with power switch


Input / Output Characteristics
Surface input impedance

10 kΩ

Non-clip maximum input level

+24 dBu

Analogue stepped gain

-2.5 dB to +45 dB plus -40 dB to +20 dB continuous digital trim

Phantom power (switchable per input)

+48 V

Talk mic impedance

 5 kΩ

Talk mic gain

+15 dB to +60 dB 

Talk mic max level

+6 dB 

Talkback impendance

20 kΩ 

Talkback gain

∞0 to + 10 dB

Talkback max level

+21 dBu

Surface output impedance

50 Ω

Surface output gain

 0 dB

Surface output max level

+21 dBu

Dynamic range 

106 dB, 22 Hz to 22 kHz, unweighted

Maximum voltage gain 

 100 dB inputs to subgroups and masters , 106 dB inputs to aux and matrix  

Crosstalk at 1 kHz 

 -100 dB physically adjacent input channels

Crosstalk at 10 kHz 

 -90 dB physically adjacent input channels  

Fader / pan cut off at 1 kHz 

 -100 dB  

Fader / pan cut off at 10 kHz 

 -100 dB

Headphones output impedance

10 Ω

Headphones maximum output level

+21 dBu

Display screen

21" LCD high brightness 1920 x 1080 px, captive touchscreen,  up to 10 simultaneous touches 

LCD info displays

41 x full colour LCD info displays, 24 mm x 24 mm (size), 240 x 240 px 

Input meters (quantity 30) 

12 segment -35 dBu to +20 dBu  

Output meters (quantity 7) 

20 segment -36 dBu to +21 dBu  

Channel comp meters (quantity 28)

5 segment -24 dBu to -1 dBu 

Channel gate meters (quantity 28) 

5 segment -34 dBu to -5 dBu 

Comp meter (quantity 1)

12 segment -23 dBu to -1 dBu 

Gate meter (quantity 1)

12 segment -34 dBu to -1 dBu

100 mm motorized faders

8 + 8 + 8 + 4

Touch-sensitive rotary controls


Custom controls
Fully assignable rotary controls

28 + 8 

Fully assignable backlit buttons

28 + 8 + 12

Headphone controls

A and B, min to max 


Talk gain min to max