TANNOY VLS 15 (EN 54) / VLS 15 (EN 54)-WH Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 15 Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications (EN 54-24 Certified) Black/White

Vendor: Tannoy
TANNOY VLS 15 (EN 54) / VLS 15 (EN 54)-WH Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 15 Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications (EN 54-24 Certified) Black/White The VLS 15 (EN 54)...

TANNOY VLS 15 (EN 54) / VLS 15 (EN 54)-WH Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 15 Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications (EN 54-24 Certified) Black/White

The VLS 15 (EN 54) stands as an 800-watt passive column array loudspeaker crafted for demanding acoustic environments and architecturally sensitive spaces requiring background/foreground music and speech reinforcement. Its versatile applications span across airports, train stations, conference centers, houses of worship, stadium concourses, museums, theme parks, and hotels. At the core of this speaker system lies an asymmetrical vertical dispersion, delicately shaping the acoustic coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis. Leveraging Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST), the VLS 15 (EN 54) streamlines installation, minimizing the need for extensive tilting for optimal mounting. Its compliance with EN 54-24 standards positions the VLS 15 (EN 54) as an ideal choice in settings where safety remains paramount. Packaged within a slender and narrow-profile powder-coated aluminum chassis, complemented by a curved stainless steel grille, it ensures both performance and aesthetic refinement.

Superb Performance

The VLS 15 (EN 54) features a design comprising 7 vertically aligned 3.5" low-frequency drivers and 8 vertically arrayed 1" high-frequency metal dome tweeters, ensuring pristine audio reproduction spanning from 110 Hz to 35 kHz (-10 dB) and reaching a peak SPL of 120 dB (measured at 1 meter, Lo-Z). Its UV and weather-resistant aluminum enclosure offers a dispersion of 130° horizontal x +6° / -22° vertical, delivering precise and targeted coverage. Moreover, certified for water and dust ingress protection to IP65 standards, the VLS 15 (EN 54) stands as an exceptional choice for demanding environments, including indoor swimming pools, saunas, spaces with elevated dust or moisture levels, as well as various outdoor applications.

FAST – Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology

The VLS 15 (EN 54) integrates an asymmetrical vertical dispersion pattern, blending heightened performance with simplified mounting options, catering to diverse installed applications. Its vertical dispersion capability enables precise targeting of optimal zones for even and meticulous coverage. Unlike many conventional column loudspeakers that often demand significant downward tilt during installations, the VLS 15 (EN 54) requires notably less, even allowing for flush mounting. This feature significantly enhances visual aesthetics while ensuring optimal audio dispersion, offering versatility and improved aesthetics in various settings.

Low-Z or Transformer Operation

Certainly, the rear panel of the VLS 15 (EN 54) hosts a multi-position EN 54-compliant tamper-resistant rotary switch. This switch offers the flexibility to select between the low-Z or the 70 / 100 V operating modes. It also provides various transformer taps at 150, 75, 37.5, 19, 9.5, and 5 Watts, allowing users to tailor the output power according to their specific requirements within these operating modes.

Outdoor Applications

Certainly, the VLS 15 (EN 54) comes equipped with a right-angled water-tight cable gland, specifically intended for outdoor applications. Additionally, an input panel cover is included, which can be secured to the cabinet using the four screws provided. To connect the wiring, simply pass it through the cable gland and make the necessary connections on the provided barrier strip. Furthermore, there's a secondary strip available for linking additional loudspeakers in either low-Z or 70 / 100 V distributed systems, offering enhanced versatility in configuring multiple speakers within the setup.

Attractive & Easy to Install

Absolutely! The VLS 15 (EN 54) boasts an extruded aluminum enclosure paired with a stainless steel grille, both finished in a semi-matte black paint. This combination not only exudes style but also ensures durability, blending seamlessly into architecturally sensitive environments. It operates using a low-insertion loss 150 W line transformer featuring multiple taps designed for 70 / 100 V line systems. Furthermore, to facilitate installation, it comes with a dedicated flying bracket, wall mount bracket, input panel cover plate, and a weather-resistant gland. Despite its robust capabilities, it weighs only 11.7 kg (25.7 lbs), making it notably lighter and more convenient to install compared to many rival products.


Certainly! The VLS 15 (EN 54) offers versatile connectivity options. It features a pair of internally paralleled barrier strip connectors, providing flexibility for two types of connections: either to a low-Z amplifier or within a 70 / 100 V distributed system. To switch between these operation modes, a single switch, conveniently located on the rear of the enclosure, allows users to select the preferred mode of operation effortlessly. This design offers convenient adaptability for different setups or systems without complexities in wiring or configuration.

Build Quality

Absolutely! The VLS 15 (EN 54) is housed in an architecturally styled extruded aluminum enclosure, resistant to corrosion, and finished with a semi-matte black paint. This sophisticated design is complemented by a stainless steel perforated grille, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability. Additionally, all the mounting hardware included with the VLS 15 (EN 54) has been meticulously over-engineered, prioritizing safety above all else. This attention to detail ensures a secure and reliable installation in various settings, reinforcing its suitability for a range of environments and applications.


  • Passive column array loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installation applications

  • 200 Watts continuous, 800 Watts peak power

  • 7 vertically arrayed 3.5" low-frequency drivers provide high intelligibility speech reproduction

  • 8 vertically arrayed 1" high-frequency metal dome tweeters for full range sound up to 35 kHz

  • FAST (Focussed Asymmetrical Shaping Technology) delivers asymmetric vertical dispersion towards the typical listening plane

  • EN 54-24 certified for fire detection and fire alarm systems

  • Multiple transformer taps for 70 V and 100 V line systems or 12 Ohm direct input

  • Low insertion loss 150 W line transformer with easily accessible tapping switch

  • All components weather resistant to IP65 for outdoor use

  • Architecturally styled aluminum enclosure with a semi-matte black painted finish

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel perforated grille

  • Included custom brackets allow quick and accurate installation

Frequency response

150 Hz - 30 kHz ±3 dB
110 Hz - 35 kHz -10 dB

Horizontal dispersion (-6 dB)

130° H

Vertical dispersion (-6 dB)

+6° / -22° V (-8° bias)

Power handling (IEC)

200 W average, 400 W continuous, 800 W peak

Recommended amplifier power

600 W @ 8 Ω

System sensitivity

91 dB (1 m, Lo Z)

Sensitivity (per EN54-24)

76 dB (4 M, through transformer)

Nominal impedance (Lo Z)

12 Ω

Maximum SPL (per EN54-24)

96 dB (4 M, through transformer)

Rated maximum SPL

114 dB continuous, 120 dB peak (1 m, Lo Z)


Passive, utilizing Focussed Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST)

Crossover point

2.5 kHz

Directivity factor (Q)

9.1 averaged, 1 kHz to 10 kHz

Directivity index (DI)

9.6 average, 1 kHz to 10 kHz


7 x 3.5" (89 mm) woofers
8 x 1" (25 mm) metal dome tweeters

Transformer taps (via rotary switch) (Rated noise power and impedance)
70 V

150 W (33 Ω) / 75 W (66 Ω) / 37.5 W (133 Ω) /
19 W (265 Ω) / 9.5 W (520 Ω) / 5 W (1000 Ω)
OFF & low impedance operation

100 V

150 W (66 Ω) / 75 W (133 Ω) / 37.5 W (265 Ω) /
19 W (520 Ω) / 9.5 W (1000 Ω) /
OFF & low impedance operation

Coverage angles
500 Hz

226° H x 114° V

1 kHz

191° H x 57° V

2 kHz

131° H x 32° V

4 kHz

119° H x 27° V


Barrier strip


Terminal 1+ / 2- (input); 3- / 4+ (link)

Dimensions H x W x D

816 x 121  x 147 mm (32.1  x 4.8 x 5.8")

Net weight

11.7 kg (25.7 lbs)


Aluminium extrusion


Paint RAL 9004 (black)Custom RAL colours available(additional cost and lead-time)


Powder coated perforated steel

Flying hardware

Flying bracket, wall mount bracket,input panel cover plate and gland