TANNOY VLS 7 (EN 54) Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 7 Full Range Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications BLACK/WHITE (VLS 7 (EN 54)

Vendor: Tannoy
TANNOY VLS 7 (EN 54) Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 7 Full Range Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications BLACK/WHITE (VLS 7 (EN 54) The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH emerges as...

TANNOY VLS 7 (EN 54) Passive Column Array Loudspeaker with 7 Full Range Drivers and FAST Dispersion Control for Installation Applications BLACK/WHITE (VLS 7 (EN 54)

The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH emerges as a 600-watt passive column array loudspeaker, purpose-built for acoustically challenging and architecturally sensitive spaces in speech-oriented applications. Its versatility shines in locations like airports, train stations, conference centers, houses of worship, stadium concourses, and museums. At its core lies an asymmetrical vertical dispersion, channeling acoustic coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis. The incorporation of Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST) simplifies installation, reducing the need for significant tilting for optimal mounting. Its EN 54-24 compliance underscores its suitability in settings where safety is paramount. The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH encapsulates this high-level performance in an elegantly slender, narrow-profile, powder-coated aluminum chassis adorned with a gracefully curved stainless steel grille—a visual refinement blending seamlessly into its environment.

Superb Performance

The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH is constructed with 7 vertically aligned 3.5" full-range drivers, enabling exceptional speech clarity across a frequency range from 110 Hz to 14 kHz (-10 dB) with a peak SPL of 118 dB (measured at 1 meter, Lo-Z). Its UV and weather-resistant aluminum enclosure ensures durability and offers a dispersion of 130° horizontal x +6° / -22° vertical, providing precise coverage. Holding certifications for water and dust ingress protection up to IP65 standards, this model proves itself as an exceptional choice for demanding environments like indoor swimming pools, saunas, or workspaces prone to high dust or moisture levels. Additionally, its suitability spans numerous outdoor applications, making it a reliable solution in diverse settings.

FAST – Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology

The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH is meticulously crafted with an asymmetrical vertical dispersion pattern, marrying heightened performance with simplified mounting, catering to a diverse array of installed applications. Its vertical dispersion capability enables precise targeting of optimal zones for even and meticulous coverage. Unlike conventional column loudspeakers that often demand considerable downward tilt for installations, the VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH requires significantly less tilt—potentially allowing for flush mounting, thereby significantly enhancing visual aesthetics while ensuring optimal audio dispersion.

Low-Z or Transformer Operation

Located on the rear panel, a versatile EN 54-compliant tamper-resistant rotary switch offers multiple settings for operational modes in either low-Z or the 70 / 100 V configurations. This switch provides access to transformer taps at 150, 75, 37.5, 19, 9.5, and 5 Watts, ensuring adaptability and flexibility in tailoring the speaker's output to suit specific requirements.

Outdoor Applications

The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH includes a right-angled watertight cable gland intended for outdoor applications. The input panel cover attaches securely to the cabinet using four screws. To wire the system, simply pass the cables through the cable gland and establish connections using the provided barrier strip. Another strip is available for linking additional loudspeakers, enabling integration into either low-Z or 70 / 100 V distributed systems, offering a straightforward and convenient setup for expanded audio configurations.

Attractive & Easy to Install

The robust and sleek extruded aluminum enclosure, accompanied by a stainless steel grille, showcases a semi-matte white paint finish, blending seamlessly into architecturally sensitive environments. Input connectivity is facilitated through a low-insertion loss 150 W line transformer, offering multiple taps for 70 / 100 V line systems. For a hassle-free installation, the package includes a dedicated flying bracket, wall mount bracket, input panel cover plate, and a weather-resistant gland. Remarkably lightweight at just 10.8 kg (23.8 lbs), the VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH stands out by being notably lighter and more user-friendly during installation compared to many competing products.


Utilizing a pair of internally paralleled barrier strip connectors, the VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH can either be connected to a low-Z amplifier
or used within a 70 / 100 V distributed system. The operation mode is easily selectable via a single switch located on the rear
of the enclosure.

Build Quality

The VLS 7 (EN 54)-WH boasts an architecturally styled extruded aluminum enclosure, resistant to corrosion, featuring a semi-matte white paint finish. Its aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by a stainless steel perforated grille. The package includes all necessary mounting hardware, meticulously designed with an over-engineered approach to prioritize safety, ensuring a robust and secure installation experience.


  • Passive column array loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installation applications

  • 150 Watts continuous, 600 Watts peak power

  • 7 vertically arrayed 3.5" mid-range drivers provide high intelligibility speech reproduction

  • FAST (Focussed Asymmetrical Shaping Technology) delivers asymmetric vertical dispersion towards the typical listening plane

  • EN 54-24 certified for fire detection and fire alarm systems

  • Multiple transformer taps for 70 V and 100 V line systems or 12 Ohm direct input

  • Low insertion loss 150 W line transformer with easily accessible tapping switch

  • All components weather resistant to IP65 for outdoor use

  • Architecturally styled aluminum enclosure with a semi-matte white painted finish

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel perforated grille

  • Included custom brackets allow quick and accurate installation

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