Universal Audio URTR-C UAD-2 Live Rack Core

Vendor: Universal Audio
Description Universal Audio URTR-C UAD-2 Live Rack Core The Universal Audio URTR-C UAD-2 Live Rack Core is a rackmount 16-channel MADI effects processor comes along with over ten UAD powered plug-ins which are designed professionally for...
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Universal Audio URTR-C UAD-2 Live Rack Core

The Universal Audio URTR-C UAD-2 Live Rack Core is a rackmount 16-channel MADI effects processor comes along with over ten UAD powered plug-ins which are designed professionally for delivering analog hardware emulations and a-sure-win for monitor and FOH engineers in live stage, concert venues, and houses of worship applications. The equipped four onboard SHARC DSPs (UAD QUAD) is designed for allowing the process of up to 16 channels of a MADI stream without loading too much on your mixing console or computer. The users is able to combine up to Live Racks for processing up to 64 channels.

Make sure to use in a practical way the dual Thunderbolt 3 host connections, it is designed for controlling the software  from your Mac computer, to do so connect using the Ethernet to a Soundcraft Vi console for snapshot functionality and networked software integration. MADI optical ports is capable of providing 64 channels of digital I/O for large-scale mixes. Operate at sample rates up to 96 kHz clocked internally or externally using word clock with the use of BNC jacks. Dual internal power supplies is created to offer redundancy for fail-safe operation.

The bundled plug-ins include Antares Auto-Tune Realtime for live pitch correction as well as an array of compressors, EQs, and time-based processors. Even use your own licensed UAD plug-ins!

Software Control

  • Live Rack plug-ins are controlled by an intuitive touchscreen-driven GUI, which runs on a separate Mac computer
  • Insert up to eight UAD plug-ins per channel
  • Create, store, and recall channel strip presets and snapshots
  • Load snapshots via MIDI or Soundcraft Vi Cue function
  • Connects to Soundcraft Vi consoles via Ethernet
  • Meter bridge displays signal levels on all channels
  • Plug-ins are categorized by type for quick assignments
  • Large text and graphics for high visibility in live sound environments
  • SAFE Mode ensures destructive changes do not occur during a live scenario
  • Edit Mod ensures changes can be made as quickly as possible
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for copy/paste, navigation, and moving plug-ins
  • Navigate and execute functions with or without a mouse via computer keyboard
  • Full-screen application minimizes visual clutter
  • Delay compensation on group channels maintains phase alignment
  • Software application and snapshots can be configured without connected hardware for offline setup and sharing with other operators

Easily Expandable

  • Each Live Rack processes up to 16 channels of a MADI stream
  • Add more Live Racks (available separately) for up to 64 channels of processing
  • Use your existing licensed UAD plug-ins
  • Loads of additional plug-ins are available for demo and purchase

11 Plug-Ins Included with Core

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime
  • 1176LN Legacy Limiter
  • 1176SE Legacy Limiter
  • Pultec EQP-1A Legacy Equalizer
  • Pultec Pro Legacy Equalizer
  • RealVerb Pro Reverb
  • Teletronix LA-2A Legacy Limiter
  • Precision Mix Rack Collection featuring four plug-ins

Over 90 Plug-Ins Included with Ultimate

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime
  • AKG BX 20
  • API 2500 Bus Compressor
  • API Vision Channel Strip
  • API 500 EQ Collection
  • Brigade Chorus Pedal
  • Cambridge Equalizer
  • Cooper Time Cube Delay/Modulation
  • CS-1 Channel Strip
  • dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter
  • Distortion Essentials Bundle
  • DreamVerb
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Empirical Labs Fatso Jr & Sr
  • EMT 140 Plate Reverb
  • EMT 250 Digital Reverb
  • EP-34 Tape Echo
  • Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
  • Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe Guitar Amp
  • Galaxy Tape Echo
  • Harrison 32C and 32C SE
  • Korg SDD-3000 Delay
  • Lexicon 224 Reverb
  • Little Labs IBP
  • Little Labs VOG
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ Collection
  • Manley Vari-Mu
  • Manley VOXBOX
  • Moog Multimode Filter Collection
  • MXR Flanger/Doubler
  • Neve 1073 Preamp and EQ Collection
  • Neve 1081 EQ and SE EQ
  • Neve 31102 EQ and SE EQ
  • Neve 33609 and 33609 SE Compressor
  • Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection
  • Ocean Way Studios
  • Precision Buss Compressor
  • Precision De-Esser
  • Precision Enhancer Hz
  • Precision Enhancer kHz
  • Precision Equalizer
  • Precision K-Stereo
  • Precision Limiter
  • Precision Maximizer
  • Precision Mix Rack Collection
  • Pultec Passive EQ Collection
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • RealVerb Pro
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection
  • SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection
  • Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder
  • Studio D Chorus
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection
  • Teletronix LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture
  • Trident A-Range Classic Console EQ
  • UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection
  • UA 610 Tube Preamp and EQ Collection

Front-Panel Indicators

  • Host indicator displays status of rear-panel Thunderbolt connection to your host computer
  • PSU indicators show normal or improper status of the power supplies
  • Power indicator is lit when the hardware unit is receiving proper operating voltages from one or both of the internal power supplies
  • MADI indicators display signal level and status for the MADI stream

Universal Audio UAD-2 Specs

System Requirements Live Rack
Apple Mac computer with available Thunderbolt 3 port
Mac OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12
1.93 GB available disk space
Internet connection to download software and authorize UAD plug-ins
Apple Thunderbolt cable (available separately) for each Realtime Rack
Two MADI optical SC cables (available separately) for each Realtime Rack
Cat5 Ethernet cable (available separately) for snapshot save and recall with Soundcraft Vi Series consoles
Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter (available separately) for snapshot save and recall with Soundcraft Vi Series consoles
Inputs 1 x MADI optical SC (ISO/IEC 9314-3)
Outputs 1 x MADI optical (ISO/IEC 9314-3)
Word Clock 1 x BNC input
1 x BNC output
Selectable 75-Ohm input termination
Computer Connections 2 x Thunderbolt 3
Additional Ports 2 x FireWire 1394b (for development and manufacturing purposes only)
MADI Format: AES10 (64 channels)
Bit Depth 24-bit
Sample Rates 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
Restricted to 48 kHz when used with Soundcraft Vi console
Latency 73 samples at 48 kHz
Clock Sources MADI
Word Clock
Lock Range ±0.5% of any supported sample rate
Humidity 60% maximum
Operating Temperature 32 to 113°F / 0 to 45°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 176°F / -40 to 80°C
Power Connectors 2 x IEC male with integrated switch power supply
Power Requirement 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A
Power Consumption (Maximum) 30 W
45 W (when bus-powering an external Thunderbolt peripheral)
Rack Height 1 RU
Dimensions (W x D x H) 17.0 x 12.0 x 1.3" / 431.8 x 304.8 x 33.8 mm
Weight 9 lb / 4.1 kg