Yamaha IF2115 Unpowered 15 inch 2 Way Speaker System

Vendor: Yamaha
Yamaha IF2115 Unpowered 15 inch 2 Way Speaker System When you need a multi-purpose high-power 2-way trapezoidal speaker system the Yamaha IF2115 is here. The Yamaha IF2115 series features a 15-inch woofer. One...

Yamaha IF2115 Unpowered 15 inch 2 Way Speaker System

When you need a multi-purpose high-power 2-way trapezoidal speaker system the Yamaha IF2115 is here. The Yamaha IF2115 series features a 15-inch woofer. One of the remarkable features of  Yamaha IF2115 is the different dispersion options that allow optimum flexibility in cluster assemblies and effectively eliminating potential sound interference. You can control the dispersion by rotating the horn in 90-degree increments and allowing the speaker to easily be installed even in cramped locations with either horizontal and vertical mounting and there is many eyebolt suspension points that have been provided for different connections to the eyebolt, enabling flexible control over horn aiming. The best thing in Yamaha IF2115 is the single control that allows you to simply switch the speaker between bi-amp mode, which provides greater sonic control and superior quality, than passive mode.

Yamaha IF2115 Product Highlights

  • 12" and 15" woofer models available.
  • Three horn dispersion patterns available for each model: 60º x 40º (/64), 90º x 50º (/95), and 90º x 90º (/99).
  • Horn can be rotated 90-degrees, allowing vertical or horizontal mounting.
  • Trapezoidal design eliminates interference in array use.
  • 3" high-frequency compression driver with 1.4" exit.
  • Switchable between single-amp and bi-amp operation.
  • Fifteen 10 mm-screw (M10) and four 8 mm-screw (M8) suspension points were provided for flexible rigging.
  • Durable black or white finish (can be painted to match any interior).
  • Optional matching array frame and U-bracket available.
  • Parallel-wired Neutrik NL4 and barrier strip connectors.

The Quest for the Best in Pro Sound

Technological innovation occurs at a breathtaking pace in the world of professional audio, except in one vital but often-overlooked area. In spite of all the innovation, the fact remains that speaker systems are still the most critical, variable, and problematic link in the audio chain. Speakers interact directly with their environment and other components in the system, making it essential to both use speakers that are properly designed for their application and to set them up so that they and the room function as a well-balanced whole. The second part of the above equation is the realm of the sound contractor and engineer, but the first is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and that's where Yamaha's dedication to delivering the best can mean the difference between the average and superlative sonic performance.

Yamaha realized more than 40 years ago that simply building systems around speaker units bought from other manufacturers would not do, initiating a long and arduous but fruitful quest for ideal speaker performance based on original technology. Along the way, innovative Yamaha speaker technology has resulted in a number of breakthrough products that established new performance standards in a number of critical fields.

The goal is simple: to provide sound reproduction that is totally faithful to the source. But as anyone involved in speaker design and manufacture will attest, achieving that simple goal is extremely difficult, and no speaker on earth can claim absolute perfection in this regard. The good news is that now we've come closer than ever to achieving that elusive goal.

Yamaha's new Installation Series Speakers address a number of important issues that give them unprecedented performance and handling characteristics for live sound applications, including permanent installations. In particular, phase characteristics have been kept smooth and consistent throughout the entire series, so you can mix and match speakers to suit any system and venue without ending up with hot and dead spots due to phase interference. And of course sonic quality is superb throughout the entire reproduction range so the full impact of the source material reaches the audience undiluted.

This approach to design is evident in every Yamaha Commercial Audio product. The proof is in the enormous success of our groundbreaking PM1D and PM5D digital consoles, digital signal processing products, and industry-standard analog live consoles and related gear. Yamaha is simply dedicated to delivering the best sonic performance available anywhere, at any price, from system input to output. Our new Installation Series breaks new ground once again with performance and convenience that can take the sound at any venue to a higher level.

Size/Weight of Yamaha IF2115

  • Dimensions W - 448mm
  • Dimensions H - 770mm
  • Dimensions D - 534mm
  • Weight - 39kg