Yamaha MA2120 70 Volt Mixer Zone Amplifier

Vendor: Yamaha
Yamaha MA2120 70 Volt Mixer Zone Amplifier The Yamaha MA2120 compact mixer amplifier is the latest Yamaha addition to our Commercial Installation Solutions lineup. Yamaha MA2120 has a quick and easy setup and...
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Yamaha MA2120 70 Volt Mixer Zone Amplifier

The Yamaha MA2120 compact mixer amplifier is the latest Yamaha addition to our Commercial Installation Solutions lineup. Yamaha MA2120 has a quick and easy setup and simple intuitive operation that bring your commercial space to life.

The Yamaha MA2120 mixer amplifier combines a familiar, unassuming construction with efficient, flexible performance and offers mixing capability with source EQ (Bass/Treble), as well as a number of the same acclaimed Yamaha state-of-the-art DSP technologies featured in our professional audio gear. When you need a provider for background music for a cafe or restaurant, or powering a conference room, or any number of applications requiring a microphone, The Yamaha MA2120 provides you with a simple, yet powerful tool to help shape your best commercial sound environment.

Yamaha DSP Features for Enhanced Music and Microphone

The versatile lineup of the MA/PA Series was developed to cover a diverse range of small to mid-sized installations— often needing only a single model to power the entire sound system. Features that contribute to high-quality music playback and microphone use include Feedback Suppressor which effectively eliminates unwanted feedback, Priority Ducker which smoothly adjusts the background program level when a microphone is used for announcements simultaneously, and Leveler, an intelligent algorithm that keeps overall volume constant regardless of changes in source level. In addition, the newly added MA2120 model features an onboard Compressor that adjusts varying mic levels, as well as Reverb and Echo effects for multi-purpose MCing.


Design for effortless everyday use

The MA/PA Series packs Yamaha’s decades of commercial audio experience and know-how into compact, powerful, and reliable amplifiers protected by a rugged metal chassis. The MA/PA Series feature interfaces have been specifically designed for effortless operation. A layout that gives priority to the frequently used output volume knob while other controls are visually subdued, for example, significantly enhances control efficiency in normal day-to-day operation. What’s more, there is no need for computers or complex programming procedures for installation or operation. After a quick, easy setup procedure that requires no special knowledge or skill, the system is ready to deliver outstanding sound in a wide range of applications.


Supports Lo-Z and Hi-Z Speakers System

The MA/PA Series directly supports low impedance and high impedance speaker systems without the need for additional transformers or other hardware that can take up valuable installation space and increase costs. When driving a low-impedance system of 4Ω, the MA2120 amplifier delivers up to 120W to each of the two output channels. When driven at 3Ω/8Ω mode, this amplifier can deliver up to 100W per channel.

With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection, a single channel can output up to 200W, which is ideal for powering mid-size installations. In addition, since the MA/PA Series can be used with all Yamaha commercial installation speakers, you have the choice and flexibility to design a sound system that meets your specific requirements. As indicated, for example, a single unit of MA2120 can support full-range speaker systems at high-impedance mode, as well as a subwoofer at low-impedance mode.

The MA2120 mixing amplifier offers flexible connectivity to adapt to a wide range of applications. The MA2120 features 6 mic/line inputs (Euroblock) and 2 stereo inputs (RCA pin, stereo mini-phone). All 6 mic inputs feature a 24V setting for phantom power, and inputs 5 and 6 can be also used as 2 MONO SUM inputs, allowing for more input capacity.


Safe and Efficient in any Environment

At the heart of the MA/PA Series is a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier that delivers sufficient power for small-scale applications while consuming a minimum of power during operation. Intelligent protection functions inherited from Yamaha’s flagship touring power amplifiers are included in the power supply and amplifier sections to prevent damage to the amplifier as well as the connected speaker system in the case of overload. For absolutely quiet operation as well as superior reliability, all MA/PA Series models feature thermal designs that achieve efficient cooling without the need for cooling fans. The MA2120 is certified by ENERGY STAR*, the internationally recognized standard of environmentally-friendly equipment and facilities.

The MA2120 features an auto-standby function that greatly diminishes power consumption in applications where announcements or music playback are delivered intermittently. When audio signals are not detected for more than 25 minutes, the MA2120’s power automatically switches to standby mode and then back on again shortly after detecting any signal from the systems input devices. The energy-friendly MA/PA Series amplifiers are also certified as Yamaha Eco-Products.

* ENERGY STAR is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency.
**Yamaha Eco-Products are part of Yamaha’s voluntary initiative dedicated to environmentally-friendly product development.


A Smart Simple Solutions

With quick, easy setup and intuitive operation, the compact MA and PA series power amplifiers make it easier than ever to bring your commercial space to life. The MA2030a and PA2030a are ideal audio solutions for retail stores, eateries, classrooms, or public facilities like hospitals. The MA2120 and PA2120 meet the demands of a wide range of applications requiring higher power as well as more flexible DSP functionality and zone control. All models combine approachable, unobtrusive design with efficient, flexible performance. The MA2030a and MA2120 offer mixing capability with source EQ (Bass/Treble) control, as well as some of the same state-of-the-art DSP technologies that are acclaimed features of professional Yamaha audio gear. Whether providing background music for a café or restaurant or powering a conference room or other applications requiring microphone input, the MA/PA series amplifiers are simple yet powerful tools that can help establish an ideal commercial sound environment.

General Specifications

Output power

  • 1kHz (THD+N=1%: 3Ω) - 100W x 2 (20ms Burst)
  • 1kHz (THD+N=1%: 4Ω) - 120W x 2 (20ms Burst)
  • 1kHz (THD+N=1%: 8Ω) - 100W x 2 (20ms Burst)
  • High impedance: 100V line - 120W x 2 or 200W x 1
  • High impedance: 70V line - 120W x 2 or 200W x 1
  • Total harmonic distortion - ≤0.2% (Line into Speaker out, Half power @1kHz, 3Ω/4Ω/8Ω), ≤0.2% (Line into Speaker out, Half Power @1kHz, 70V/100V, 120W/200W)
  • Frequency response - 0dB, -2.5dB, +1.0dB (Line in to Line out, 20Hz to 20kHz), 0dB, -3.0dB, +1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out, 50Hz to 20kHz, 1W, 3Ω/4Ω/8Ω), 0dB, -3.0dB, +1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out, 90Hz to 20kHz, 1W, 70V/100V, 120W/200W)
  • Crosstalk - ≤ -70dB (MIC/LINE input to other MIC/LINE input)

I/O Connectors

  • Mic/Line Input - Input 1-6: 3.5mm Euroblock (6-pin, balanced) x 3
  • Line Input - Input 7-8: Stereo RCA pin (unbalanced) x 2, Input 8: 3.5mm Stereo mini phone (unbalanced), Input 5-6: RCA pin (MONO SUM, unbalanced) x 4
  • Speaker Output - Barrier strip x 2 pairs
  • Line Out - LINE OUT: MONO RCA pin x2 (unbalanced)
  • Control ports - RJ-45 (for DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S, DCP4S), Remote (3.5mm Euro block 3-pin)
  • Input Level - Mic input: -56dBu (Sensitivity), -36dBu (Nominal), -8dBu (Max before clip) / Line input (unbalanced): -30dBV (Sensitivity), -10dBV (Nominal), +10dBV (Max before clip) / Line input (balanced): -24dBu (Sensitivity), -4dBu (Nominal), +24dBu (Max before clip)
  • Output Level - -10dBV (LINE OUT, Nominal)
  • Processors - Speaker EQ (VXS: Full Range, VXC, VXS10S/ST), HPF (150Hz), LPF (150Hz, 200Hz)

Protection circuit

  • Load protection - Power switch on/off: Mute the output*, Output voltage protection: Compress the output*, DC-fault: Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
  • Amplifier protection - Thermal: Limit the output* → Mute* → Shutdown, Over current: Mute the output*, Integrated power limit: Compress the output* (*Restored automatically)
  • Power supply protection - Thermal: Power supply shutdown, Overvoltage: Power supply shutdown, Over current: Limit the output* →Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
  • Amplifier class - Class D
  • Cooling - Conventional cooling, bottom to up airflow
  • Power requirements - 100V, 120V, 230V - 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Power consumption - 60W (1/8 max power, 4Ω, AC100V, pink noise at all channels)
  • Dimensions W - 480mm (18.9”) *1
  • Dimensions H - 45mm (1.8”) *1
  • Dimensions D - 379mm (14.9”) *1
  • Net weight - 4.9kg (10.8lbs)
  • Accessories - AC power cable, 3.5mm Euroblock plug (6-pin) x 3, Euroblock plug (3-pin) x 1, Owner's manual, Setup guide
  • Options - DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S, DCP4S (Digital Control Panel)
  • Certificate - ENERGY STAR
  • Others - Operating Temperature: 0°C to + 40°C, Storage Temperature: -20°C to + 60°C, Rack-mountable when ensuring sufficient ventilation above and below the unit