Yamaha MGP12X 12 input Analog Compact Mixer

Vendor: Yamaha
Yamaha MGP12X 12 input Analog Compact Mixer The MGP12X, Yamaha 12 channel mixer is the result of the call for a small format sound reinforcement console with a feature set that fulfills the demands of today's...
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Yamaha MGP12X 12 input Analog Compact Mixer

The MGP12X, Yamaha 12 channel mixer is the result of the call for a small format sound reinforcement console with a feature set that fulfills the demands of today's touring bands, performance groups, live venues, houses-of-worship, town halls, and more. The MGP12X, Yamaha 12 channel mixer console features a total of 12 input channels with 4 mono inputs, and 4 stereo inputs, dual effects processor, 1-knob compression, stereo hybrid channels, and optional control / audio playback from Apple iPads and iPhones.

The front-end features 6 of Yamaha's breakthrough D-Pre microphone preamps, featuring an inverted Darlington circuit design. The result is a transparent, warm, and musical audio character unique to the Yamaha MGP12XThe mixer's X-pressive EQ section delivers accurate settings, sharp shelving, and musical frequency contouring. A powerful Dual Digital Effects processor employs Yamaha REV-X reverbs and SPX series digital multi-effects. An additional feature special to the MGP12X, Yamaha 12 channel mixer is its custom-built stereo Digital Hybrid channels.

Two stereo channels feature a large-scale DSP underneath the familiar analog controls. The Digital Hybrid channels feature Priority Ducker for prioritizing announcements and other signals, a Leveler for global level control, and a Stereo Image feature that adjusts the width of stereo tracks, and allows for a much more satisfying listening experience (ideal for backing tracks and intermission music breaks). The Yamaha MGP12X features a USB iPod and iPad connection. Not only can the console playback audio from these devices, but Yamaha's MGP12X free MGP editor app also allows for a large-scale control and editing of many of the console's features and parameters, directly from your Apple iPhone or iPad. Thanks to its integrated rack ears, the MGP12X can be rack-mounted.

Digital Heart. Analog Soul.

Yamaha has provided an impressive range of lineups in professional audio since the release of the PM200 in 1972 - our first ever professional analog mixing console. In 1987, we also released our first digital mixer, the DMP7, and have subsequently advanced technological innovations in sound quality, reliability, and advanced functionalities with cutting-edge digital technologies.

Drawing from our decades of experience crafting innovative, premium analog gear, we originally developed our new discrete Class-A microphone preamps for professional use in our high-end recording equipment. Utilizing an inverted Darlington circuit design, our newly-refined D-PRE mic preamps deliver a fat, rich, smooth tone that gives the MGP Series a significant advantage over any other mixer in its class. With Yamaha's proprietary X-pressive EQ we've managed to capture ultimate analog authenticity by unlocking the mysterious secret behind the expressive sound shaping capabilities of sought-after classic EQ modules.

At the heart of the MGP's compact configuration, we've taken an innovative new approach to the utilization of digital technology in an analog mixer; adding high-resolution effects, iPod/iPhone integration, and the superb functionality of our new Stereo Hybrid Channel to the warmth and musicality of premium analog sound. The MGP Series represents the ultimate balance of the converging technologies that are the heart and soul of Yamaha's extraordinary achievements in professional audio.

12-Channel Premium Mixing Console

  • 6 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel
  • 12 Line Inputs (4 mono and 4 stereo)
  • 2 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
  • 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
  • Channels - 12 Line inputs (4 mono and 4 stereo)
  • Groups - 4 Group buses + ST bus
  • AUX Input - 2 Aux Sends + 2 FX Sends
  • Compressor - Compressor CH1-4, HPF (100Hz 12dB/oct)
  • EQ Section - Mono: ±15dB(Max.), High 8kHz shelving/ Mid 250Hz-5kHz peaking(CH1-4,9-12)/ Low 125Hz shelving 
    Stereo:±15dB(Max.):High 8kHz shelving/ Mid 2.5kHz peaking(CH5-8)/ Low 125Hz shelving
  • Effects - FX1:REV-X(8 Program, Parameter control), 
    FX2:SPX (16 Program, Parameter control)
  • Microphone Inputs - 6,(100Hz 12dB/oct)
  • Phantom Power - 48V phantom power per channel
  • Line Inputs - Line: 4mono + 4stereo, Channel insert in: 4, Return: 1 stereo, 2TR IN: 1 stereo
  • Digital I/O - USB audio USB in: iPod, iPhone exclusive
  • THD - 0.02% (20Hz-20kHz@ +14dBu)
  • Frequency Response - +0.5/-1.0dB 20Hz - 20kHz, refer to the nominal output level @1kHz
  • EIN - -128 dBu (20Hz-20 kHz, Rs=150Ω, input gain = maximum)
  • Residual Output Noise - -102 dBu (20Hz-20 kHz, Rs=150Ω, input gain = maximum)
  • Crosstalk - -74dB @ 1kHz
  • Power Requirements - 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 
    Consumption: 45W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) - 13.7 x 5.62 x 19.48" (348 x 143 x 495mm)
  • Weight - 16.53lb (7.5kg)