Shure ULXD Wireless systems

Shure ULDX Digital wirless system

Shure ULXD Wireless Systems       


ULX-D is Shure first Digital Wireless System. The ULDX Digital Wireless systems definitely give you a far better audio, than analog wireless. Lower to mid range analog wireless does have bad audio and other issues like drop outs and noise when you do get to the end of its distance range. With Digital Wireless systems like the Shure ULX-D Series wireless systems your getting amazing audio and pretty much no drops.  They do say with analog wireless Latency is never an issue but with Digital wireless there might be a little noticeable latency, but as little as a few milliseconds.  So depending on your use it might not even be an issue. The ULX-D digital wireless systems works great if you wanted to get the most of your RF range. If you’re an government agency and needs extremely high security within your wireless system, then the ULXD systems are pretty much the best out there.


The Components:


The Shure ULX-D systems are ordered a la carte, meaning Shure did away with the system packages like they used to with their ULX, and SLX series. 

The Receivers:


Shure ULXD4 their singe channel / ½ space rack unit, which is non Dante

Shure ULXD4D their Dual channel / 1 full space rack unit with Dante

Shure ULXD4Q their 4 Channel / 1 Space rack unit with Dante ULDX

Shure ULXD Recievers differences

*All their Receivers are 24 bit 48kHz and a complete tuning range of 64MHz. Within the entire range it is extremely stable.

* You can streamline multiple receivers via Ethernet

* Any of the Receivers come with Rack Ears

* Extreme High secure encryption

* always scanning for better frequencies


What does the Shure ULXD4 Dual and ULXD4Q Quad have more than the Single ULXD?

There is no pricing difference between buying 2 x ULXD-4, or buying 1 x ULXD4D. If were up to us we always recommend using the dual and quad channels if multiple channels are needed.  The ULXD4D and the Shure ULXD4Q comes with internal power supplies, audio summing, on board Dante, and RF Cascade ports.  Also if you have a Yamaha Console you can use their Yamaha device ID that allows simple channel patching and mapping.



On the Transmitter side you have some great choices such as:

Shure ULXD Transmitters

UlXD2 Beta58, ULXD2 Beta87, ULXD2 K8, ULXD2 KSM9, ULXD2 SM58, ULXD2 SM86, ULXD2 SM87, and of course the ULXD-1 which is the body pack. Out favorite so far are the Beta58, and the K8.


The great thing on choosing ULXD as your wireless choice is that the batteries are rechargeable and Shure sells the docking stations such as the SBC200, and the SBC800. If your looking for over 4 systems we highly recommend getting the Shure UA844SWB, which is the 4 Way active antenna Distro  which covers the range of 470-925 MHz.


Overall the Shure ULXD systems are worth the price, and you’ll be surprised as to how well the sound and work in the live audio world.  For smaller lower budget churches looking for multiple channels, it might not make sense as it can get pricy when looking at multiple channels but, giving the main vocalist a ULXD is like Christmas all over again.


How much does it costs? You can get into a system for as low as $1320.00.  You can call  out sales team to see if there are and special production or church discounts available that you can take advantage of when buying your Shure wireless system.  We also offer Free wireless designs so you know exactly what products you need and a wiring diagram, to make it as easy as possible when installing your system

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