RCF TTL-55A Active Dual 12" 3-way Large Line Array Speaker 3500 Watts

Vendor: RCF
RCF TTL-55A Active Dual 12" 3-way Large Line Array Speaker 3500 Watts The RCF TTL-55A is a professionally designed Active 3-Way Line Array Module made by RCF that is created as a powered 3-way line...

RCF TTL-55A Active Dual 12" 3-way Large Line Array Speaker 3500 Watts

The RCF TTL-55A is a professionally designed Active 3-Way Line Array Module made by RCF that is created as a powered 3-way line array created for use in touring sound reinforcement in large venues such as arenas, stadiums, and concert halls. It is capable of producing up to 3,500-watts RMS and up to 143dB SPL and comes featuring three 1.5-inch compression drivers, a 10-inch midrange driver, and dual 12-inch woofers that comes along with neodymium magnets. Built-in 96kHz/32-bit DSP for providing an EQ, crossover, and routing control.

Digital Amplifiers
Four independent digital amplifiers, 1000 W the midrange, 1000 + 1000 W low frequencies and 500 W for the high frequency drivers, capable of delivering an output power of 3500 W per module that makes the TTL55-A powerful enough for handling what you are able to throw at it

Three fans is capable of helping for controlling the internal temperature by driving air through the system, cooling it in its critical parts. The electronic processing and the amplifier are enclosed in a solid aluminum extrusion housing that capable of helping in thermal dissipation

Power Factor Corrector
The amplifier comes equipped along with PFC which is capable of regulating the power supply to always capable of operating along with the correct voltage. This is eliminating any possible dispersion and waste of current, implementing the efficiency of the system in terms of power consumption and energy saving

DSP Control
The TTL55-A comes featuring a DSP controlled multi-way digital amplification system

Engineered for Reliability
The housing is tightly fitted to the rear of the cabinet and sealed. The power input and all the signal connectors are housed in two recessed and protected panels

Analog Input Board
The analog input board is fully featured for the set up operations of the module. It offers an XLR input and output link, cluster size control switches, high frequency correction switches, and a pre-loaded equalization by-pass switch. Ethercon inputs and outputs connect the system in a daisy chain configuration on a RDNet monitoring and controlling system from the FOH

Data Input and Output
Ethercon ports are available for the network input and daisy chain output of RDNet remote monitoring, directly from the FOH mixer position

Low Frequencies
The 2 woofers, in a clam shell band-pass loading configuration, provide a tight and powerful bass response. They have been designed with a low profile to optimize their housing in the cabinet and the size of the overall module. The acoustical configuration is efficient in the 100Hz region and free from dual source cancellations

The Hyper Ventilation System
The Hyper Ventilation System is the result of a combination of holes in the voice coil former, magnetic structure, and the woofer basket. In fact, thanks to the large excursion of the cone, the great amount of air generated is directed through the holes, creating a high level of turbulence that keeps the transducer cooler without using a forced ventilation system

Double Nomex Layer
Thanks to the strength of the voice coil former, obtained with the double Nomex layer, RCF engineers were able to make bigger holes without compromising the structural stiffness, therefore allowing the passage of a greater quantity of air

Silicon Surround Structure
The surround structure is made of silicon, the only material able to maintain the memory of its shape. This particular structure guarantees the efficiency of the suspension even after a long period of extensive use

Impedance Control Coil Technology
The midrange quality and definition is achieved through the exclusive Impedance Control Coil (ICC) technology. A secondary coil wound on the speaker yoke is driven in the opposite phase of the primary coil, cancelling the primary coil's inductance and increasing the speaker sensitivity while reducing the speaker distortion.
A primary effect of this technology is the on the temporal behavior of the speaker, improving the crossover transition and resulting in midrange accuracy and phase linearity

3.5" Voice Coil
The transducer is equipped with a 3.5" voice coil to maximize output. It is loaded on a 4-slot constant directivity horn for a uniform vertical coupling, module to module

High Frequencies
The neodymium compression drivers feature precision assembled titanium domes surrounded by polyester and are housed on a compact 7° waveguide that ensures the wave coherency, high output power and clarity

Water-Resistant Baltic Birch Plywood
The cabinet is made in Baltic Birch plywood with every layer glued with an adhesive that makes the cabinet water resistant even before the painting process

Polyurea Paint
Painted with a polyurea paint to create a thick, full coating, the cabinet is resistant to scratches and bumps

Braced Internal Structure
The internal structure is heavily braced to survive long term use and transportation. All the parts are assembled on metal inserts with metric screws.
The amplifier is housed in a separate chamber from the transducers to offer efficiency and reliability

Front Grille
The front grille is powder coated. A transparent-to-sound foam backing on the inside of the grille helps to further protect the transducers from dust

The TTL55-A cabinet features two die-cast aluminum side handles powder coated and with rubber hand-grips. Thanks to the internal scoop design it is possible to use the handle in three different directions to facilitate the transport, positioning and loading operations

All the mechanical structure is built in high strength structural Swedish steel. This special steel is formed by a quenching and tempering process that guarantees a yielding strength almost 4 times higher compared to commercial grade steel and maintains the mechanical properties down to -40° C. Thanks to this material the mechanics have a high safety factor with a manageable weight

Flexible Rigging System
The rigging system is recessed and features 8 possible splay angles, from 0° to 7° with 1° step increment to create curved spiral arrays with precision
The integrated digital processor is based on a 32-bit, floating point DSP running at 96kHz sampling rate.

The DSP takes care of the crossover, the equalization of the transducers, limiter and system presets such as high pass filters, air absorption and cluster size corrections

Cluster Size Control Switches

The combination of the 2 central switches gives 4 possibilities of mid low frequency correction depending on cluster size:

  • 4-6 modules (small flown systems)
  • 7-9 modules (medium flown systems)
  • 10-12 modules (medium large flown systems)
  • 13-20 modules (large flown systems)

    High Frequency Correction Switches

    The combination of the 2 top switches gives 4 possibilities of high frequencies correction depending on target distance (air absorption correction):

  • Near-field ( up to 25 meters)
  • Mid-field ( from 25 to 40 meters)
  • Mid/far-field ( from 40 to 60 meters)
  • Far-field ( more than 60 meters)

    Pre-Loaded Equalizations and Bypass Switch

    This switch bypasses the last preset loaded on TTL55A DSP with the RDNet Control 8 remote control to allow the manual configuration of the system

    The RDNet protocol represents a blend of reliability and flexibility, and in fact is based on the RS-485 communication protocol, which allows you to send and receive data on a simple XLR cable in case Ethercon cables are not available

    Real Time Configuration Through The Exclusive RDNet Protocol
    The TTL55-A is equipped with a dedicated networking board. Using proprietary RDNet protocol is possible to monitor all the system parameters, from the input to the status of each single amplifier.

    Thanks to the DSP on board of each cabinet, it is possible to address to single cabinets or group of cabinets specific presets or modifications of parameters like gain, equalization or delay in real time

    RCF Shape Designer Software
    In order to assist with the set up procedures for the TTL55-A line array system, RCF has developed a complete prediction software package.
    The software enables a complete two dimensional simulation of the behavior of the TTL55-A modules and also suggest the correct subwoofer combination.
    The system curvature angles and the sound projection data are computed with maximum sound pressure levels for the given design.
    The software will allow simulations up to a maximum of twenty TTL55-A systems.
    The rigging menu provides data for weight, centre of gravity and length of the array configuration. Rigging points and rigging hardware configurations are also computed

    • 3,500 Watt, 4-way amplification
    • 6x neodymium transducers
    • Analog input board
    • 96kHz, 32-bit DSP
    • Remote monitoring and control
    Frequency Response 50 Hz to 20 kHz, - 3 dB
    Maximum SPL 143 dB
    Coverage Angle Horizontal: 90°
    Vertical: 7°, maximum
    Driver Compression Driver: 3x 1.5" (38 mm) neodymium, 2.5" (36.5 mm) voice coil
    Midrange: 10" (254 mm) neodymium, 3.5" (90 mm) voice coil
    Woofer: 2x 12" (304 mm) neodymium, 4" (102 mm) voice coil
    Input Connectors XLR, Ethercon
    Output XLR, Ethercon
    Input Sensitivity 4 dBu
    Crossover Frequency 320/1,300 Hz
    Protection Thermal, excursion, RMS
    Limiter Soft limiter
    Controls DSP controlled
    Total Power RMS
    Total Power: 3,500 W RMS
    High Frequencies: 500 W RMS
    Mid Frequencies: 1,000 W RMS
    Low Frequencies: 2x 1,000 W RMS
    Cooling Convection/forced
    Connection Powercon
    Material Baltic birch plywood
    Hardware Array fly-ware
    Handles 2x Side
    Dimensions & Weight
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 15.0 x 40.0 x 21.6" (380.0 x 1020.0 x 550.0 mm)
    Weight 147.7 lb (67.0 kg)