CEDAR CS9 Restore Declick, Decrackle, Auto Dehiss, Debuzz, Declip & Adaptive Limiter (Pro Tools Users will also receive Manual Declick and Dethump)

Vendor: Cedar
CEDAR CS9 Restore Declick, Decrackle, Auto Dehiss, Debuzz, Declip & Adaptive Limiter (Pro Tools Users will also receive Manual Declick and Dethump) Since its inception in the 1980s, CEDAR has been the industry...

CEDAR CS9 Restore Declick, Decrackle, Auto Dehiss, Debuzz, Declip & Adaptive Limiter (Pro Tools Users will also receive Manual Declick and Dethump)

Since its inception in the 1980s, CEDAR has been the industry leader in audio restoration, bringing features and capabilities that many thought were unthinkable. Digital de-clicking and decrackling in real-time? An unprecedented CEDAR. Remove digital noise without using a fingerprint? CEDAR also invented this. Silent equalization? Phase/time adjustment of the subsample? Editing with spectral data? CEDAR conducted the initial research, development, and release of all of them. We've brought together eight of your most beloved restoration techniques into one bundle today: CEDAR Studio Restore. This enables you to get rid of a ton of issues that come up when you're moving audio from outdated and broken media, enhancing TV and movie soundtracks, recovering content for the air, and much more.

Eliminate clicks with the minimum of fuss

Compared to previous plug-in declickers, Declick provides superior interpolation and impulsive noise recognition. This leads to better-than-ever performance over a larger spectrum of materials. The quality of this performance is so high that it is usually impossible to detect that the signal was corrupted before restoration.

Dig deeper to eliminate crackles and other problems

Ground-in and gritty crackles of every kind may be found and eliminated with Decrackle's amazing ability to sift through damaged signals without sacrificing desired audio quality. Additionally, it eliminates various types of buzz and certain amplitude distortions from a variety of sources, including current broadcasts and cylinder recordings tainted with lighting buzz.

Remove extended clicks and scratches (Pro Tools only)

Manual Declick is ideal for restoring the extended scratches and clicks encountered on many audio media - film, tape, or disk, whether analog or digital. Its unique dual algorithms - optimized for long clicks and scratches - will remove noises such as those found on optical soundtracks, as well as drop-outs and extended digital errors.

Removing bumps and thumps (Pro Tools only)

Extended low-frequency thumps that are impossible to restore with traditional de-clicking procedures and filters are removed by dethump. It is the perfect instrument for eliminating many of the previously insurmountable issues related to optical soundtracks, cylinders, 78 rpm discs, and even contemporary recordings when, for example, microphones and stands are bumped. It replaces the undesirable sound with recovered low-frequency audio.

Automatic dehissing that really works

Auto Dehiss embodies an advanced algorithm that is far less susceptible to the unwanted side-effects sometimes called twittering, glugging, the 'underwater sound', and even 'space monkeys'. In short, it's able to determine the broadband noise content and remove it without the introduction of these unwanted artifacts. A manual mode is also offered for fine-tuning the results when wanted.

Eliminate buzz and hum

With fundamentals as high as 500 Hz, Debuzz can efficiently and rapidly eradicate any kind of buzzes or hums, and it can also remove undesirable signal components throughout the whole audio range. Unlike typical filters, it can successfully restore the audio without causing unwanted side effects like limited bandwidth or the hollow sound generated by comb filters. It can also monitor wandering tones.

Reconstruct clipped audio

With ease, Declip 2 recovers the original signal from clipped samples, enhancing clarity, removing distortion, and returning the damaged audio to its original dynamic range. Our most recent approach even monitors the clipping amplitude, allowing for the restoration of material that has been subjected to dynamics package processing afterward.

Finish your audio using a unique limiter

Another special algorithm created by CEDAR is used by Adaptive Limiter 2 to limit the output's peak level while maintaining the integrity of the input. As opposed to audio handled with other limiters, the outcome is a precisely controlled signal that keeps far more of its inherent quality. In addition, it is the best loudness maximizer available, and its sophisticated resampling and noise-shaping features make it perfect for mixing, final mastering, and other creative tasks.

  1. Declick:

    • Superior impulsive noise detection.
    • Advanced interpolator for effective restoration.
    • Excellent performance across a wide range of materials.
    • Effective removal of clicks without audible artifacts.
  2. Decrackle:

    • Remarkable ability to identify and remove ground-in crackle.
    • Removal of buzz, some amplitude distortions, and various crackle forms.
    • Suitable for materials like cylinder recordings to contemporary broadcasts.
  3. Manual Declick (Pro Tools only):

    • Ideal for restoring extended scratches and clicks.
    • Dual algorithms optimized for long clicks and scratches.
    • Effective removal of noises found in optical soundtracks and digital errors.
  4. Dethump (Pro Tools only):

    • Elimination of extended low-frequency thumps.
    • Restoration of low-frequency audio to replace unwanted sounds.
    • Ideal for optical soundtracks, cylinders, 78rpm discs, and modern recordings.
  5. Auto Dehiss:

    • Advanced algorithm for effective automatic dehissing.
    • Less susceptible to unwanted side-effects like 'twittering' and 'space monkeys.'
    • Manual mode for fine-tuning results when needed.
  6. Debuzz:

    • Quick and easy removal of various buzzes and hums.
    • Elimination of unwanted signal components across the entire audio spectrum.
    • Tracking of wandering tones without introducing unwanted artifacts.
  7. Declip 2:

    • Effortless removal of clipped samples.
    • Reconstruction of the original signal for improved clarity.
    • Restoration of the original dynamic range of damaged audio.
  8. Adaptive Limiter 2:

    • Unique algorithm for peak level constraint with input integrity.
    • Perfectly controlled signal with a natural sound.
    • Unsurpassed loudness maximizer with advanced resampling and noise shaping.