Chamsys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Console

Vendor: ChamSys
Chamsys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Console The maximum degree of show control is provided by MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, which supports 256 universes straight from the console without the need for extra processors. 42 playbacks...

Chamsys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Console

The maximum degree of show control is provided by MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, which supports 256 universes straight from the console without the need for extra processors. 42 playbacks are available with fully motorized, RGB-illuminated faders and encoders, as well as backlit keys for enhanced programming. Link the MagicQ MQ500M Wing to have even more control.

256 Universes Direct from the console

With no need for extra processing nodes, the MQ500M console offers true value for money as all 256 DMX universes are directly accessible via the network ports on the back of the device over the industry-standard lighting protocols sACN, Art-Net, and Pathport. The MQ500M is a full 256-universe stand-alone all-in-one lighting control system with an included UPS.


Thanks to its motorized functionality, the playback section of the MagicQ MQ500M serves multiple purposes, facilitated by shortcut buttons that swiftly alter its function. With 15 motorized faders and 15 playback encoders per bank, and up to six banks available, users can effortlessly access a total of 180 playbacks with a simple touch. In line with its adaptable design, the MagicQ MQ500M supports various fader modes, offering flexibility for a wide array of applications. Programmer modes grant access to intensities for individual patched fixtures, groups of fixtures, or individual channels within a fixture. These selected modes ensure immediate access to the intensities or channels of the currently selected fixtures. Master modes provide instantaneous master control over individual fixtures or groups of fixtures, eliminating the need for pre-programmed masters. This feature proves invaluable during live moments when adjustments to lights are required on-the-fly, such as when lights may flare in cameras or key lights need quick modifications. Equipped with dual 100mm motorized crossfade faders and prominently placed large GO and BACK buttons, the MagicQ MQ500M delivers the ultimate theater control experience, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience.

Playback Encoders

The use of replay encoders elevates live operation to new levels. The playback encoders can be assigned a wide range of purposes, with complete legending displayed directly above the display to inform the user of the current function. The playback encoders have the ability to regulate FX size, speed, rate, time, intensity, and LTP channels. Playback encoders have the ability to manage entire banks of playbacks or a page of playbacks in addition to controlling cue stacks on their own and being connected to the fader playback below.

Illumination & Customisation

The MQ500M lights the way with backlit keys, illuminated fader tracks and encoders, and glowing pockets. Together with the new updated graphics this takes MagicQ to a whole new level of customisation giving Lighting Designers freedom to visibly configure the console for their needs. Each playback fader track & playback encoder top has full RGB illumination enabling its function to be clearly indicated. Users can select standard functions or customise each Cue Stack individually - for example to separate the main cues from bump cues.


The foundation of the MagicQ MQ500M is the tried-and-true MQ500 software, which has performed admirably on 200 universe shows with thousands of fixtures. It is simple to switch between consoles because show files are entirely compatible with MQ500M, MQ500, and all other ChamSys consoles. Show files, which are exclusive to ChamSys, are backwards and forwards compatible, so you don't have to worry about program versions.

Unrivalled control and information

The MQ500M boasts two built-in full HD multi-touch displays with configurable viewing angles, and it is both ergonomically designed and robust. The feature-rich MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Wing increases the number of encoder and fader playbacks and includes a third full HD multi touch display. Using the straightforward Multi-Window PC application, up to five more touch monitors can be networked to the system, providing a total of eight monitors for information display. You can configure up to 48 distinct window layouts, making it possible to quickly switch between views on all 8 displays with a single button press. With the help of the robust Layouts masking feature, specific windows can be allocated to specific monitors.

MQ500 Upgrades

An affordable front panel upgrade enables existing MQ500 customers to boost their control with motorised faders, playback encoders and illumination. ChamSys and their distributors carry out a quick and simple procedure to fit an additional power supply and replace the front panel. A new operating system disc gives increased show and media capacity and enables use of up to 256 universes. The existing chassis, displays and rear panel are retained so customers can continue to use their existing flight cases. In a similar way, the existing Stadium Wing can also be upgraded with a new front panel to give motorised faders, playback encoders and illumination.


  • 256 universes direct from the console
  • 15 fully motorised fader playbacks
  • 15 encoder playback with RGB indicators
  • 12 multi-purpose Macro/Executes/Playbacks keys
  • RGB illumination of playbacks
  • Backlit buttons
  • Dual Inbuilt 15" Multi HD touch displays
  • Up to 8 touch displays support (5 via remote network)
  • Dual motorised 100mm crossfaders ideal for Theatre
  • Inbuilt MagicVis Visualiser with full rendering of beams and gobos

Hardware Specifications:

  • Universes direct from the console (via Artnet/sACN/Pathport): 256
  • Direct DMX Outputs: 4
  • Motorised Playbacks: 15
  • Encoder Playbacks: 15
  • Macro/Execute/Playback Section keys: 12
  • Total no of Playbacks: 42 (15+15+12)
  • Dual Motorised Cross Faders: Yes
  • Attribute Encoders: 8
  • Backlit Keys: Yes
  • Illuminated Playback/Encoders with RGB control: Yes
  • Intensity Wheel: 1
  • Network Ports: 4
  • Inbuilt 15" HD Multi-Touch Displays: 2
  • External Monitor up to 1920x1200 Resolution - DVI-D Port: 1
  • USB Ports, including 2 High Power USBs: 6
  • Audio Input (1 channel, 7 band): Yes
  • Audio Output: Yes
  • MIDI Ports 1 in and out: Yes
  • LTC Timecode Ports in and out: Yes
  • Remote Input: Yes
  • Inbuilt UPS: Yes, uses 12v Lead-Acid Battery
  • Front Storage Pockets: 2
  • Power Input, Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 110 to 240 VAC

Software Specifications:

  • Max Number of DMX Channels: 131,072
  • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 131,072
  • Max Number of Cues: 5000
  • Max Number of Cue Stacks: 2000
  • Max Number of Groups: 5000
  • Max Number of Palettes: 4096
  • Number of Media Server Layers Supported: 50 (each different content)
  • Numbers of Shows: Virtually unlimited (500GB SSD)

Included Accessories:

  • Dual Colour Desk lights: 2
  • Dust cover: 1
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 Power Cable: 1
  • Monitor arm with VESA mount: 1
  • USB Keyboard: 1
  • USB Mouse: 

Boxed Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 960mm (37.8 inches)
  • Depth: 690mm (27.2 inches)
  • Height: 330mm (13 inches)
  • Weight: 40kg (88 lb)

Flight Cased Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 940mm (37 inches)
  • Depth: 670mm (26.4 inches)
  • Height: 290mm (11.4 inches)
  • Weight (console in flightcase): 55kg (121 lb)

Console Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 860mm (33.8 inches)
  • Depth: 585mm (23 inches)
  • Height: 90mm high at front (3.5 inches), 175mm high at rear (screens stored) (6.9 inches)
  • Weight: 32kg (70.5 lb)