LAB GRUPPEN FA1202_US1 2 x 120W Commercial Amplifier with Direct Drive Technology and Energy Star Certification (FA1202_US1)

Vendor: Lab Gruppen
LAB GRUPPEN FA1202_US1 2 x 120W Commercial Amplifier with Direct Drive Technology and Energy Star Certification (FA1202_US1) The 2 x 120-watt dual-channel Amplifier offers an ideal solution for commercial and industrial settings seeking...

LAB GRUPPEN FA1202_US1 2 x 120W Commercial Amplifier with Direct Drive Technology and Energy Star Certification (FA1202_US1)

The 2 x 120-watt dual-channel Amplifier offers an ideal solution for commercial and industrial settings seeking high-quality distributed audio while prioritizing energy efficiency and cost savings. Its versatility spans both Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) loudspeaker configurations, providing unmatched flexibility across each channel. The FA1202 ensures straightforward installation and operation, even for non-technical individuals. Tailored for diverse environments like bars, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, corporate offices, educational institutions, and various venues requiring background music or a reliable public address system, the FA1202 stands as an optimal choice.

Energy Star * Certified

The FA1202's direct drive constant power technology not only ensures top-tier audio performance and reliability but also boasts exceptional energy efficiency, earning it coveted Energy Star certification. This remarkable technology enables the creation of robust amplifier systems that not only lower electricity costs but also diminish the installation's power supply demands and associated expenses. In fact, leveraging existing mains infrastructure during installation is highly probable, resulting in substantial cost savings and reduced environmental impact. This amalgamation of efficient operation reduced installation costs, and minimal environmental footprint culminates in significant overall savings and a positive ecological stance.

Easy to install

The FA1202 offers versatile placement options. Equipped with rubber feet, it can sit conveniently on desks, shelves, or any clear surface, requiring no additional installation. However, for added flexibility, optional rack mounting hardware is provided, allowing one or multiple units to be secured within an enclosure. This flexibility extends to various housing configurations – a single product can fit snugly in a half 19" rack or a full rack enclosure. Additionally, two amplifiers can be effortlessly mounted side-by-side in a single rack space. Moreover, utilizing the included brackets, the unit can be wall-mounted or conveniently placed under a table or shelf, ensuring adaptable placement options to suit different spatial requirements.

Automatic Power On/Off

The FA1202 boasts a flexible power scheme featuring seamless, automatic power on/off triggered by the input signal, effectively reducing consumption during signal absence. Requiring virtually zero configuration, this energy-efficient amplifier system sets up effortlessly for hands-free operation. When powered but without an input signal for 20 minutes, the system seamlessly transitions into sleep mode, minimizing power usage. Once the Auto Ramp circuit detects a signal, the system promptly powers on, resuming normal operation. Moreover, the amplifier offers quick access to standby mode or activation via the front panel power button, ensuring convenient control and operation options.

Tamperproof Gain Controls

FA1202’s input gain controls are placed on the rear panel for tamperproof operation. Available for adjustment – but requires a tool when making changes.

Easy to Hook Up

The FA1202 offers convenient connectivity options. For linking to a balanced source like a mixer or audio processor, it features a standard 3-pin Euroblock Input socket. The Loudspeaker Output is available through a standard 2-pin Euroblock socket, ensuring compatibility and ease of connection for various setups and configurations.

Output Configuration

Adjacent to the rear panel Euroblock output connector, the FA1202 offers an intuitive configuration for its flexible output channels using dipswitches. These switches enable the seamless selection of 100 V, 70 V, 8 Ω, or 4 Ω operation, effectively setting both the maximum voltage of the output and the gain throughout the device. Additionally, there's an individual control for engaging the built-in high-pass filter. This feature is crucial for constant voltage systems, as it prevents saturation on transformer-enabled loudspeakers and helps preserve sound integrity, ensuring optimal performance in various setups.

Expandable Remote Control

The RJ45 receptacle on the rear panel opens up a broad range of remote control options, including the CRC-V Series of wall controllers and a stylish tabletop controller, the LAB.LEVEL. All can be interconnected via inexpensive and readily available Ethernet cabling.

System Scalability

The FA1202 is part of a versatile product family designed to accommodate the diverse scope of commercial installations, which frequently evolve and expand over time. Offering both single and dual-zone products, this lineup is perfectly suited for scaling a system to any desired size. With its individual zone volume controls and remote control capabilities, the FA1202 serves as an ideal foundational component for constructing a dynamic and scalable system solution. This flexibility enables seamless adaptation to evolving needs, ensuring the system can grow alongside the establishment it serves.

Real-World Energy Savings

The FA1202 2 x 60Watt Commercial Amplifier simplifies the delivery of premium music and announcements to business and industrial settings. Its seamless integration and user-friendly operation ensure hassle-free implementation. Moreover, equipped with innovative features like Auto Ramp and revolutionary direct drive constant power technology, the Energy Star certified FA1202 not only ensures top-tier performance but also boasts remarkable energy efficiency. The resulting energy savings are so significant that the FA1202 can practically pay for itself in a remarkably short span of time, underscoring its exceptional value proposition.


  • 2 x 120 Watt amplifier for commercial and industrial applications

  • Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) operation per output with switchable high-pass filter

  • Energy Star certified design conserves energy and drastically reduces operational cost

  • Direct drive, constant power technology for superior audio performance and reliability

  • GPI remote volume control using standard RJ-45 connector and Ethernet cable

  • Auto Ramp circuitry for quiet and fast power up/down enables real-world energy savings

  • Tamperproof gain controls for each channel on rear panel location

  • Rack-mountable 1U, half-rack width enclosure with joining brackets for rack, table and wall mounting

  • Euroblock type amplifier input and output connectors

  • Convection-cooled, fan-less amplifier technology for low noise

  • Comprehensive fail safe circuit protection ensures continued operation

Maximum Output Power
4 or 8 Ω per channel

120 W

Number of Ouput Channels
Minimun Load Impedance
4 Ω mode

4 Ω

8 Ω mode

8 Ω

70 V output mode

41 Ω

100 V output mode

82 Ω




Gain control, input sensitivty select (4 dBu / -10 dBV), load config (4 Ω / 8 Ω / 70 V / 100 V), switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter


On (blue), standby (yellow)

Limit (red LED), per channel

Input clip, output limit

Signal (green LED), per channel

>1.23 mV (-56 dBu)

Fault (red LED)

Overheat, DC fault, over current etc


2 x 3-pin 5.08 mm Euroblock connector

Input impedance

10 kΩ unbalanced, 20 kΩ balanced

Input sensitivity

Balanced: 1.23 V (+4 dBu) or 316 mV (-10 dBV)

Maximum input level

9.75 V (+22 dBu)


1 x 4-pin 5.08 mm Euroblock connector

Output circuit type

Class D

Remote connector

2 x RJ45 Ethernet connector

Distortion, 1/8 rated power


Frequency response

20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.5 / -1 dB


>65 dB


>100 dBA

High-pass filter

80 Hz HPF

Circuit Protection

Convection-cooled, fanless

Amplifier protection

Thermal protection, over current protection, DC protection, high frequency protection

Load protection

Controlled start and shutdown behaviour, DC-fault protection

Power Supply, Voltage
Main voltage

100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz with active power factor correction

Power consumption 1/8th rated power @ 4 Ω

70 W

Mains connector

Standard IEC connector

Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions (H x W x D)

44 x 218 x 280 mm (1.7 x 8.6 x 11.0")


2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)


Brushed black anodized aluminum chassis with black painted steel bottom


CE, WEEE, CCC, cTUVus, PSE, RCM, RoHS, FCC part 15 Class B, Energy Star 3.0