Neumann KM 184-MT-STEREOSET (Matt Black) / Neumann KM184 STEREO SET (Nickel)

Vendor: Neumann
Description Neumann KM 184-MT-STEREOSET (Matt Black) / Neumann KM184 STEREOSET (Nickel) Stereo set includes two each: KM 184, SG 21 BK, WNS 100 in one woodbox The Neumann KM 184-MT-STEREOSET (Matt Black) / Neumann...
$1,500.00 $1,875.00
Matt Black

Neumann KM 184-MT-STEREOSET (Matt Black) / Neumann KM184 STEREOSET (Nickel) Stereo set includes two each: KM 184, SG 21 BK, WNS 100 in one woodbox

The Neumann KM 184-MT-STEREOSET (Matt Black) / Neumann KM184 STEREOSET (Nickel) Stereo set is a state-of-the-art small diaphragm condenser microphone that is professionally designed with a uniform, frequency-independent cardioid polar pattern.

It is designed having a very natural, transparent sound along with very low self-noise and high SPL capability which have made the KM 184 a worldwide stage and studio standard for many applications ranging from classical piano to heavy metal drums.

Despite its attractive pricing, the KM 184 is built offering an state-of-the-art Neumann engineering. Its cardioid pattern is frequency-independent; rejection of rearward sound (180°) is excellent, even at low frequencies. In practical usage, it comes with no sound coloration over a wide pickup angle, which is crucial in multi-microphone setups and for precise stereo/surround imaging. The KM 184's frequency response is made very smooth and linear along with a slight treble lift around 9 kHz for added brilliance.

Its innovative transformerless head amplifier is designed offering a wide dynamic range of 125 dB and is carefully designed for maintaining the capsule's sonic integrity. The KM 184 comes with a very low self-noise of only 13 dB-A and is capable to handle high sound pressure levels of up to 138 dB free from distortion. Due to its low impedance output stage, the KM 184 is capable to drive long cable runs of up to 300 meters (1000 feet) without transmission losses.

The KM 184 is a universal microphone for studio and stage applications. Its transparent sound is making the KM 184 a superb microphone for acoustic instruments, such as piano, percussion, drums, acoustic guitar, upright bass, violin, cello, woodwinds, and brass. The KM 184 can be used for soloists as well as ensembles.

Thanks to its superior off-axis behavior, the KM 184 is an excellent microphone for stereo and surround recording with perfect imaging. Although the KM 184 is not specially optimized for the human voice, it is often used for classical vocals and whenever sonic authenticity is paramount.


  • Pair of Condenser mics
  • Uniform cardioid pattern without off-axis coloration
  • Linear frequency response with a slight treble lift
  • Very low self-noise (13 dB-A)
  • Low impedance output for long cable runs without transmission losses
  • Transformerless circuitry
  • Compact size, visually unobtrusive
  • Of the "fet100" series with a transformerless microphone circuit
  • Requires +48V phantom power
  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Operating Principle: Pressure Gradient
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 81dB (A weighted)
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 13 dB A-Weighted
  • Max SPL: 138dB
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Self Noise: 13dB (A weighted)
  • Connector: XLR
  • Length: 4.21" / 107 mm
  • Diameter: 0.87" / 22 mm
  • Weight: 0.18 lbs.
  • Colour: Black