HSA RollTop INSXT-II Inspire Super Extended Rolltop

Vendor: HSA RollTop
HSA RollTop INSXT-II Inspire Super Extended Rolltop Our largest low-profile desk system the Inspire Super Extendedutilizes a free-span version of our original Super Extended desk with two, Inspire 18 RU racks. Lots of legroom...

HSA RollTop INSXT-II Inspire Super Extended Rolltop

Our largest low-profile desk system the Inspire Super Extendedutilizes a free-span version of our original Super Extended desk with two, Inspire 18 RU racks. Lots of legroom and equipment space, yet still a low-profile. The HSA Inspire Super Extended Rolltop gives you a convenient way to house and protect a wide variety of 19" rack mount and non-rackmount electronic equipment. Very suitable for boardroom, Houses of Worship, educational, corporate, recording, and other professional environments, the HSA Inspire Super Extended Rolltop is an elegant and easy way to beautifully blend audio, video, and many other electronic systems into their surroundings for easy operation by authorized users.

Materials & Assembly: Inspire Super Extended Rolltop are handcrafted from a selection of engineered core and multi-core panels with premium oak faces for high dimensional integrity, consistency, and strength. Edges are finished to match the oak or our other optional/custom wood species or durable high-pressure laminates. HSA products can be disassembled for easier maintenance, updates, and installation.

Table Top: The 68" wide table surface is at 25.75" height for comfortable operation of mixing consoles, computers, switchers, keyboards, recording equipment, etc. In addition to a 3.125" clearance between the table rear and tambour path, wiring grommets are provided at the table rear for additional wire management. Finished in a durable matte black high-pressure laminate worksurface, it enables easy on-site solutions to cable dressing/harnessing and special equipment/panel mounting needs.

Dual Inspire Side Racks: The totally independent 18 space extra deep industry-standard racks are designed to accept deep chassis power amplifiers and process electronics, and are field positionable to both or either sides of the desk. We use heavy-duty steel rails with extra half-rack tapped screw holes to allow for a wide variety of equipment spacing. A 2.00" clearance is given between the rack rails and tambour doors for space for knobs and handles and to assist with ventilation (see notes on lock clearance exceptions). Rear clearance is maintained since the tambour doors stop before reaching the rear even when fully open. The tambour rack doors are secured with a flush-mount brass cabinet lock keyed alike to the desk tambour’s lock. The racks have removable upper & lower rear panels for access plus the rack floor is clad in our matte black high-pressure laminate for extra durability.

Rolltop Tambours: We hand build our own rolltop tambour doors to assure quality and extra strength. The 1.5" by 1/2" thick tambours are lead by a 2" wide by 3/4" thick lead tambour for extra strength at the locks and polished brass handles. The thicker profile results in a very smooth operation that can be maintained with an occasional application of ordinary wax. Flush-mounted cabinet locks on the lead tambours engage into the sidewalls, securing the rolltop tambour doors without getting in the way.

Finish: A variety of stain colors are available with our beautiful and environmentally friendly waterborne finishing system. These advanced waterborne stains and durable finish coats produce a beautiful grain pattern and depth of color. They maintain the natural feel of the wood yet offer some of the best protection from abrasion and spills and keep looking great with minimal upkeep. Actual color samples are available to help you make your selection

Additional Inspire Super Extended Rolltop Benefits: The Inspire Super Extended Rolltop offers additional safety and security by organizing equipment and wiring which, in modern open installations, could be a source of many problems. Being able to “lockdown” the system prevents unauthorized tampering with equipment, settings, and wiring between uses. The HSA Inspire Super Extended Rolltop (and our other fine wood furnishings) conveys security, professionalism, and quality, presenting your audio, video, lighting, or any electronic system in the very best way as a matching, integral part of its environment.

These are only a few of the many options available to customize your Inspire Super Extended Rolltop:

  • RBASE2: Add a Rollbase caster platform system for system portability
  • INPLUS4: Add the INPLUS4 or INPLUS5 option for extra inches of height clearance on the table for those taller mixers
  • VIDEOBAY: Creates an adjustable section across the table rear to drop down a video display or use our MONARM articulating arm for display support Use with a "PLUS" option for greater clearance.
  • Also... The side racks are independent and can be both or either positioned right or left of the desk. You can optionally order both provisioned for "bolt together" on-site at no extra charge

HSA RollTop INSXT-II Main Features

  • The most beautiful & functional solution for housing electronic systems
  • Dual 18 space Inspire side racks
  • Less than 37" high overall
  • Both Desk & Racks rolltop tambour doors lock
  • Widest low-profile desk legroom
  • Modesty Panels included with this model
  • Solidly & carefully crafted
  • With a variety of finishes

Externally 111.5" W x 39.125" D x 36.625" H