Yamaha DZR315 / DZR315-D (Dante)Powered 2000 Watt 3 Way Speaker

Vendor: Yamaha
Yamaha DZR315  and DZR315-D (Dante version) Powered 2000 Watt 3 Way Speaker The Yamaha DZR315 and the DZR315-D (dante) Speaker is a 3way 15-inch woofer, 8" and a 1.5" Voice coil.  This Powered...
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Yamaha DZR315  and DZR315-D (Dante version) Powered 2000 Watt 3 Way Speaker

The Yamaha DZR315 and the DZR315-D (dante) Speaker is a 3way 15-inch woofer, 8" and a 1.5" Voice coil.  This Powered speaker has a 2,000-watt Class D amplifier of a 31Hz-20kHz frequency range that can easily and perfectly reproduce any, sound you throw at it with almost non-existent latency through a three-way bi-amped PA Yamaha speaker. It has a dispersion of Horizontal 75 degrees and a Vertical of 50 degrees. The DZR 315, and the DZR315-D are not rotatable.  The Yamaha DXR315 is also simple and intuitive thanks to its LCD display which allows you to select the perfect settings for the sound you want. It also boasts Dante, which allows it to seemingly integrate with various other Yamaha consoles as well as similar Dante-powered devices. It is perfectly suited for a stage monitor due to its lightweight cabinet made of plywood covered by a polyurethane coating, as well as its rotatable horn which allows for mounting by any side needed. The DXR315 also comes in the DXR315-D model which is Dante enabled and has the same excellent powered speaker qualities as the standard

It also contains intelligent, simple DSP processing, FIR-X tuning (a combination of FIR filtering and a built-in corrective EQ) which helps minimize distortion of phase to deliver perfect sound imaging. The Yamaha speakers contain high-frequency transducers with a 2-inch voice coil encased in a solid, aluminum frame, allowing for a low-end response, clear mids as well as a crystal vocal range. Through its D-Contour, a multiband sound compressor, it maintains the highest clarity even when pushed to its limits. DSP also makes sure your power supply is safe against damage. 

High power 2000W Class-D amplification

The all-new, highly efficient Class-D amplification module produces best-in-class 2000W of power and an impressive 143dB SPL. A universal switching mode power supply with PFC maximizes power output while ensuring stable and worry-free operation. All the amplifiers were selected and optimized to match the full-range DZR’s high, mid (only for DZR315), and low-frequency transducers, while separate, customized amps were developed for the DXS XLF subwoofers as well.

One of the advantages of active loudspeakers is that the combination of transducers and amplifiers can be perfectly matched and optimized for the best possible performance. During the development of the DZR and DXS XLF Series, we measured and tested the durability of each transducer and the overall amplifier output to set optimal limiter points for each model using precise DSP control. Employing many of the same protection functions used in our high-end professional power amplifiers, our state-of-the-art DSP consistently monitors the status of the power supply, power amplifiers, transducers, and signal levels, to protect each component in order to maintain optimum performance while extending component life and usability.

All DZR speakers and DXS XLF subwoofers come in Dante-equipped “D” models enabling smart system integration with Yamaha consoles and other Dante devices via the Dante I/O (2in/2out) which also features SRC (sample rate conversion) allowing 48kHz device compatibility.

Patching is simplified considerably with Yamaha CL/QL digital mixing consoles from the I/O device display, while TF console users can select Quick Config for surprisingly fast, easy setup and operation of a sophisticated sound reinforcement system. Combining the Analog I/O with Dante I/O, opens up flexible routing and system configuration options, while the Dante break-IN and break-OUT function add even more flexibility by acting as a simple I/O box.*

Back of Yamaha DZR

What’s more, Yamaha’s customizable control panel software “ProVisionare Control” for windows and “ProVisionare Touch” for iPad are also Dante compatible, adding more simple remote management of your sound reinforcement system.

* This function will be supported in a future version

  • Powered: Yes
  • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
  • Channels:2
  • LF Driver Size:15" cone
  • Mid Driver Size:8" cone
  • HF Driver Size:1" throat compression driver
  • LF Driver Power Amp:1000W Class D Peak
  • Total Power:2000W Class D Peak
  • Inputs:2 x XLR-1/4" combo
  • Outputs:2 x XLR
  • USB:1 x Type A
  • Frequency Range:31Hz-20khz (-10 dB)
  • Crossover Frequency:700Hz, 2500Hz
  • Maximum Peak SPL:143dB SPL @ 1m
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle:75 Degrees
  • Vertical Coverage Angle:50 Degrees
  • Signal Processing: EQ, Delay
  • Enclosure Material: Plywood
  • Mounting Options:16 x M10 Fly Points
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:35.3"
  • Width:21.6"
  • Depth:20.5"
  • Weight:91.7 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DZR315