Yamaha SP2060 24 bit Speaker Processor 2 in 6 out

Vendor: Yamaha
Yamaha SP2060 24 bit Speaker Processor 2 in 6 out Full-featured Speaker Processing in a 1U Space The Yamaha SP2060 is professionally designed capable of offering everything you need in a single rack space,...

Yamaha SP2060 24 bit Speaker Processor 2 in 6 out

Full-featured Speaker Processing in a 1U Space

The Yamaha SP2060 is professionally designed capable of offering everything you need in a single rack space, it is created to make a solution because speaker processing is possibly a complicated business that requires a substantial array of equipment. This innovative 24-bit, 96-kHz digital speaker processor is capable of delivering an excellent sound quality, an impressive variety of processing functions which is delay, gain, comp, PEQ, limiter, crossover, and an all-pass filter designed for phase adjustment, and intuitive programming from Yamaha's DME Designer application running on a personal computer. It comes along with two analog inputs and six analog outputs, plus two AES/EBU format digital inputs that are designed for connectivity along with a broad range of systems. And if you use Yamaha Installation Series Speakers, all left for you to do is to select one of the many optimized presets that are made provided for great sound that comes along with minimum measurement and setup time. The SP2060 is a professionally created compact, portable 1U unit that is made ideal for use in live sound or installations.

Precision Multi-function Digital Speaker Processor

The SP2060 comes packing all of the functionality necessary for just about any speaker processing application into a compact 1U unit. An exclusive Yamaha LSI is capable of delivering extraordinary flexibility and processing power, as well as the outstanding sonic precision you expect from any Yamaha professional audio product. An impressive array of built-in functions cover all major speaker processing requirements: gain, delay, PEQ, comp, crossover, and limiter. There's even a highly accurate All-Pass Filter that can precisely control only the phase without changing the gain.

Two Analog Inputs, Six Analog Outputs, and Two AES/EBU Digital Inputs

The SP2060 rear panel comes along with two analog inputs and six analog outputs. Two AES/EBU format digital audio inputs are also made provided for use in direct input from digital devices. The SP2060 is capable of accepting up to 96-kHz digital audio signals without the need for additional hardware, this provides broad compatibility that comes along with digital mixers and other devices. All terminals are XLR type connectors.

24-bit, 96-kHz Resolution

The SP2060 comes utilizing an original audio processing LSI that provides full 24-bit, 96-kHz processing capability for outstanding sound quality with a dynamic range in excess of 110 dB. All analog circuitry inherits high-performance technology from our high-end analog mixing consoles, such as the acclaimed PM5000. The SP2060 delivers sound quality that is a perfect complement for any Yamaha pro audio system.

Detailed Programming via the DME Designer

Detailed programming of the SP2060 can be accomplished using the DME Designer application software running on a personal computer. This is the same program that is used to program other Yamaha digital audio devices such as the DME64N and DME24N Digital Mixing Engines. The DME Designer not only allows flexible, efficient editing and control of all SP2060 parameters, but it also allows centralized programming and management of complete sound systems that use multiple SP2060, DME64N, and DME24N devices.

Ethernet Port and Comprehensive Panel Interface

The SP2060 is equipped with an Ethernet port for connection to a computer so that data can be transferred directly from the DME Designer. A wireless LAN can be used so that parameters can be adjusted from a tablet computer or similar portable device while listening to the sound at critical points on stage or in the audience area. The SP2060 itself features six output LED meters for enhanced visibility and operability.

Optimized for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers

Data specially programmed for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers are provided in the form of recallable presets. Optimum settings for an Installation Series speaker system can be implemented with just a few easy steps.

Compact, Portable 1U Size

The compact 1U size of the SP2060 makes it ideal for installations as well as portable systems. It is a perfect choice for a wide range of applications, from hall and theater installations to touring and events.