Avid S6L Digital Consoles

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Avid S6L Digital Consoles


Avid S6L Digital Consoles

Muzeek World carries a full line of Avid VENUE S6L digital consoles. These consoles are designed to handle live sound on a massive scale. If you’re in charge of the sound for a major tour or a large, complex event, then Avid S6L is the way to go. The S6L series is designed to be modular, making it easy for you to put together the right set of equipment for your sound production needs.

Available Models

Muzeek World carries several different Avid S6L control surfaces, including the 16C, the 24C, the 24D, the 32D, and the 48D. Every console in the Avid S6L family is part of the same unified system, but they all have different advantages in different contexts.

For example, the S6L-16C control surface is one of the most cost-effective options available in this line of products, while still providing more than 300 processing channels and up-to-date touchscreen system to control your workflow.

The S6L-24C control surface is a portable version of the S6L digital console, ideal for smaller venues where there might not be enough room for the 32D or the 48D.

The S6L-48D is the largest console in the S6L family, can accommodate two sound engineers at the same time, and allows you to stay on top of complex events with thousands of sounds coming in from multiple different sources.

Live Sound Systems

Any of the S6L control surfaces can be paired with an Avid processing engine and I/O rack to produce a professional live sound system. For example, the S6L-16C Control Surface can be bought along with the E6L-112 processing engine and three Stage 16 I/O racks, producing the ideal sound system for use at corporate events or other compact venues.

If you want to go big, the S6L-48D can be combined with the E6L-144 Engine and the Stage 64 (48x8) for a sound system capable of handling even the largest and most challenging live events.

There are so many different options, you’re bound to find just the right combination for your budget and your sound engineering needs. Check out Muzeek World’s full line of Avid S6L consoles today!

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