Shure SLXD24D/B58

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Shure SLXD24D/B58


Shure SLXD24D/B58

Are you responsible for an event involving two different presenters or performers? When two people are moving freely around the stage, whether they’re singing or speaking, you need a pair of wireless microphones with excellent sound quality. Whether your event is a presentation or a performance, you need a dual channel digital wireless handheld system like the Shure SLXD24D/B58, available from Muzeek World

The Shure SLXD24D/B58

If you’re looking for a professional-quality pair of digital wireless microphones – whether for an all-day presentation or an all-night performance – then the Shure SLXD24D/B58 Dual Channel Digital Wireless Handheld System is an excellent choice.

The Shure SLXD24D/B58 Dual Channel Digital Wireless Handheld System, available from Muzeek World, is a complete microphone system for two presenters or two live performers working together.

Two Dynamic Microphones

The core of the system is two Beta 58 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphones, paired with two SLXD2 handheld wireless transmitters. This combination allows for two people to present or perform together at the same time, with excellent 24-bit digital audio.

Shure’s Beta 58 has been a much-loved microphone since its release back in 1989, and the company has been improving the model ever since. This wireless microphone system experiences fewer dropouts than ever and has an effective range of 100 meters or 328 feet. With a dynamic range of 120 dB, you can count on the sound quality to remain excellent at any level, from the quietest speaker to the loudest musical performance.

The Shure SLXD24D/B58 Dual Channel Digital Wireless Handheld System sets up quickly and easily, provides 24-bit digital audio, and can operate up to 32 compatible systems per 44 MHz band. The Shure SLXD24D/B58 comes complete with 4 AA batteries and an optional rechargeable battery from Shure.

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