Church Sound Systems

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Church Sound Systems

Essentials for Church Sound Systems

If you are installing a new church sound system or upgrading an existing system, there are several essential components you will need to consider. Sound systems for churches come in many shapes and sizes, from small portable church sound systems to complex digital systems for large churches. Still, they all include some of the same pieces. Those include microphones, mixing boards, amplifiers, and speakers.


Microphones for Church Sound Systems

From the spoken word of the sermon to the singing of a worship leader or even to amplifying pianos and drums, microphones are the first step in creating great sound. There are more microphone options than ever from trusted brands like Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Electrovoice, Audix, and more. No matter what you are trying to do, be sure you are working with a trusted partner to help you understand the best mic for the job. There are microphones specially designed to amplify choirs and wireless systems to capture everything from preachers to instruments. There are even boundary and shotgun mics to help improve the room sound of your live stream.


Sound Systems for Churches Need Mixers

Once you have more than one sound source, you need a way to mix audio signals. Even if the setup is as simple as two microphones, you need some way to adjust the levels and ensure everything sounds right. Modern mixers can also do a whole lot more. Many have built-in equalizers (EQ) to help shape and improve sound quality. Others have built-in effects like compression and reverb to help even more. Unless you happen to be an expert audio technician, you may need some help sorting through all the options. From simple built-in mixers, in portable church sound systems to fully-digital 36 channel consoles, there is a mixer for every church size and budget. When searching, be sure to look for the top brands in church audio from Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Mackie, Presonus, AVID, and Soundcraft Digital.

 church digital mixers


Once the sound leaves the mixer and heads to the speakers, it needs to be amplified. Since church sound system amplifiers are often locked in a closet or placed in racks that no one sees, we often don’t think much about them. However, the right amplifier can make all the difference in the sound quality. Amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight and relatively low powered units for portable church sound systems to professional multi-channel power amplifiers to power loudspeakers and line arrays. Quality matters, so be sure your vendor has brands like Crown, QSC, Powersoft, Yamaha, and Ashly.


Speakers – The Final Piece for Great Church Sound

Without the right speakers, the rest of your system won’t deliver the quality sound you are listening for. The basic technology behind speakers hasn’t changed much over the years. However, manufacturers have learned to make the most of it. This is the part of your church audio system that you may need the most help with. Choosing between passive and powered speakers or between traditional loudspeakers and line arrays takes knowledge and experience. The right speakers can make the most out of your system and your worship space. Look for a partner who will help you design your system to pair the right speakers with the rest of your equipment and your unique needs.

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