The Yamaha QL1

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The Yamaha QL1

The Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer

The Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer is the go-to-choice for many small to midsized churches, corporate functions, and outdoor events. It’s sturdy, small, and more affordable than larger options. The QL1 is known to last for 10 years or more, so this is an excellent choice for churches or organizations on a tight budget.

An Excellent Choice for Live Sound

The QL1 has all the essential features for a digital mixer: it sounds great, the workflow is intuitive, and it’s built to last. The QL1 is a 16-channel mixer with a large touch-panel display and easy-to-use “touch and turn” controls. It has 32 mono mix channels and 8 stereo, as well as 16 mix busses and 8 matrix, along with many other features. It can record in two tracks to any USB flash drive, or it can be used for real multitrack recordings by using Dante.

A Good Starter Choice 

While the Yamaha QL1 can be counted on to last for years and years, it’s also a good starter choice if your church or organization is just getting big enough to need a digital mixing console. It’s smaller and more affordable than the QL5 or larger mixers, and it’s easier to learn how to use it properly if you don’t have a lot of experience mixing live sound. In fact, if you send us an email, we’ll connect you with all the training resources you need to get started with the QL1!

At Muzeek World, we offer church discounts and special pricing that can help make this mixer even more affordable for you. Just get in touch and ask us about the discounts we have available.

Call Muzeek World at 1-877-477-6543 or email us at for our best current deals on the Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer!

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